Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #14: Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

Stephanie was pacing back and forth the interrogation room waiting to be
questioned by the detectives. She was a mess after she found her boyfriend, John
dead this morning. After a while Detective Smith came in and began to question her.

“Tell me exactly what happened and don’t leave any details out.”

Stephanie ran her fingers through her hair then folded her arms on the table. Tears
ran down her face like a waterfall. It took a little bit for her to speak. “I was.. I’m sorry.”
She started to cry. “I was at a party last night and got a little drunk. John was sober so
he drove us home and stayed the night.” 

A few minutes passed with nothing but complete silence. “It, it was early this morning; I’m not sure what time. I woke up to a broken window and John’s body in the living room. Blood was everywhere, and.. and his head was cut off.” She took a minute then said, “I screamed. Whoever it was was
gone before I got up. That was when I called 911.” She gulped. “I don’t know why anyone would want to do this.” Her face was turning red.

“I promise we will find this person. I won’t let anyone get away with this.” Detective
Smith looked at her and grabbed her hands to reassure her and she believed him. The
Captain came in and Smith pulled his hands away.

“Stephanie, we need names of people in John’s life. Family, friends, anyone.”
He gave her a piece of paper and a clipboard and she took a couple minutes to write
down the names she could think of. The first name that came to mind was his alcoholic
father that he always hated. When she was finally done, she handed them the
clipboard. They told her she was allowed to leave.

She was almost to the door when Detective Smith came up right behind her. “Hey
Steph, do you want a ride home?”

“No thanks, I have a lot to do. Please do whatever it takes to catch this psychopath
please,” she said. Her voice was starting to break.

“I will, I promise, and please call me Justin.”

She agreed.

“Stephanie,” the Captain said, “stay with family or friends until this is all over with

Once again she agreed. He knew she got understood.

Stephanie took off. She was going to her friend Tessa’s house. When she finally got
to her friend’s house, she went inside. Tessa asked, “They still have no idea, huh?”

“Nope. It was a piece of cake. No one cheats on Stephanie Wilkins and gets away
with it.”

Story #13: Scare Tactics

Scare Tactics

”Oh my god I do not want to work today”. Said Lance the typical high school boy as he was waking up in the morning. All he wanted to do was play in the big basketball game that night and not work at Kasey‚ general store. Little did he know that tonight would be the most interesting night of his life. 
It started like any other day at work, people bought their Arnold Palmer, gas, and other necessities. But around 3:00 as Lance was about to doze off to sleep at the cash register a guy comes in wearing all black. Instantly Lance was alarmed at this mans appearance. He looked like a scruffy beard Lumberjack in all black. 

“Give me the money now.” says the sketchy man as he starts pulling out a small hand-axe. 

“Okay, Okay just don’t do anything crazy”.‚ says Lance as he slyly presses the alarm button that alerts the authorities. He then fumbles around with the register. Then he says , I can’t get it open.

“Well that‚ too bad I guess you are coming with me”. says the large man as he grabs Lance and the cash register. Lance tries to fight back but this man was solid muscle and is easily overwhelming Lance. He takes Lance to his huge van. Then he says ,‚ “My name is Krauser, the real reason I  came here was for supper and you are  on the menu.

  “Helpppp.” screams Lance. Krauser then pulls out his axe and chops at LAnce but lance escapes his grip manages to get out of the van.

“You can run all you like but you‚ never escape me”. says Krauser. He then throws a lasso and catches Lance. 

“Are you scared.” says Krauser.

“mhmmm”. mumbles Lance

“You shouldn’t be because you are on Scare Tactics.” The show where people are scared whimless for your enjoymen, your friends on the basketball team set you up so you can be ready to play tonight.‚ Suddenly all his friends come and give him a hug. 

”Oh my god”. says Lance in disbelief. He was used to scaring other people, but this time the joke was on him. Later that night, Lance played the best basketball game of his life and he attributed it to him being scared earlier.

Story #12: Karma

Karma [Original title edited]

It was January 1, 2013. It was a new year, and Josh and Austin had made
resolutions to become better people, and help people when they’re in need. Little did
they know, they had quite the experience come to them.

It was no longer a week later that the small town of Erie had something come that
they had never in their life expected, a giant squirrel. This squirrel was no ordinary
squirrel. It was as wide as an elephant, and as tall as a giraffe, with claws as long as a
mini van. The squirrel was destroying buildings, stomping on cars, and whipping
people across town. The Village of Erie was frightened by the squirrel’s actions, so
they all took cover at the Erie Campground by the Rock River. They thought that if they
stayed out there, that they wouldn’t have to worry about getting killed. Several hours
later, the squirrel had destroyed every building in town, and Josh and Austin had just
the plan.

After approximately a day, Josh and Austin have decided to go back into town, and
find the squirrel, they wanted to challenge it. They had brought homemade bombs and
pistols with them, and had planned to defeat the squirrel. After searching for many
hours, they had finally found the squirrel at Shaheen’s eating all of their frozen pea’s.
Josh decided to throw a bomb immediately, and try to blow it up, but all that it did was
make the squirrel mad. Austin then panicked and started shooting at it, blowing its front
right leg off. The squirrel then began to screech and become angrier. Josh began to
run after it, and attempt to tackle it, but bounced off of it like a bouncy ball. Austin was
still shooting at it, trying to knock it down, but was just damaging its legs more,
because it was so massive. Unexpectedly, Josh whips out a AK47, and knocks it down.
Austin, in complete shock, runs up to it, and pulls on its ginormous teeth, and yanks
them out and stabs it with the teeth repeatedly. The squirrel was in for a rude

After several days and nights of fighting this unexpected appearance of this squirrel,
Josh and Austin had defeated the squirrel, and had saved the town. Their resolution
for the new year had came true, they had done a good deed not only for themselves,
but for the entire Village of Erie. They had never been so proud of themselves, and
had never had so many people look up to them before. This was a once in a lifetime
experience, and they made it worth it.

It was only several days later that something tragic had happened. Everybody says
karma’s a pain in the rear, well, they’ve never had something like this. Josh and Austin
had been eaten by twelve baby rhinos. It was a extremely tragic event, but karma had
really got them good. We all thank you for your guys’ good deed, but it was your time
to go....who’s next?

Story #11: The Hunt for Revenge

The Hunt for Revenge

I was just a simple hunter. I never did anything illegal and or stuff you shouldn’t. I
always admired my brother because my dad was the hunter in are family and he
taught us everything we know. He would always take my brother and never me. I was
always to little to weak. But now i’m the best hunter around. I have hunted almost
everything in country. If you can name it there is a good chance that I have hunted It
my name is Klay Kieler. I have been all over the world hunting some of the biggest and
hardest game there is to kill. I have also broke many records and shot some world
records 7 and they still have not been broken. I hunted with some tv shows and have
made millions of them. I am going to do on many hunts and this was going to be my
last one my final one.

It was the spring up there in Alberta, Canada. The temperature had rose and there
was still a bit of snow on the ground but that didn’t bother me to much I had been quiet
use to it back home. I flew in on a bush plane to a little cabin. I built it up there when I
was younger and I always when up there for a few week just to get away. It was my
favorite spot to go. As the pilot flew away I got that small sense of loneliness and that
was the hole reason I came up here. So after get unpacked and settled With my five
days worth of food, I decide to go visit my neighbors that lived just up the mountain
they where great people and they where the only people that lived around in this area.
As I put my snow shoes on and grabbed my .338 and then I head out. It was a
beautiful day out there. And when I got there It was a day that I would never forget.
The walk up the mountain was smooth not very hard for me and I had saw some
signs of wolf tracks around. They where the hole reason that I had came up to Alberta.
I had never shot one of them before but they where always on my hit list. I had tried to
hunt them before but they where always so elusive and I could never get a shoot at
one of them. As I examined the tracks I could easily tell that It was a big wolf. Its track
was just about the size of my hand and that is very rare for a wolf so I new that was the
one I wanted to take. I decide to think about it as I kept walking up the mountain. When
I was near there house I could see it. It was a big house and very good looking for the
place that it was at. As I got closer to the house I felt a chill and then it seemed as if it
was getting colder. I didn’t think much of it and when I got there I was shocked to death.
All I could see was carnage. There was blood everywhere death destruction and
they where both died. There was no reason for them to attack to happen but it did and
I could not find out why. There was no food in there or anything. Then the next thing I
saw shock he at the core. It was a track but not just one little track it was the biggest
thing that I ever seen. It was full of blood and the claws alone could rip your arm of. It
was the biggest thing that I had ever seen. Then something happened to me it was a
mixture of anger, adrenalin, and energy. I took over my hole body. I got out my satellite
phone and called the police and gave them the exact coordinates of the house and
they said It would be at least one day. I then grabbed his pack from inside the house
and so food and went right after that bear. I was going to have my vengeance on it.
I tracked it for hours and I was moving so fast and so full of anger that I didn’t realize
that I was moving so fast and for so many miles. Then I just crashed It felt like I just ran
a mile on a full sprint. I had to stop and drink something and try to clean my head
because there is one thing that I know for sure is that I cant continue chasing this bear
until my head is clear. I was just looking around when I saw something strange at the
end of that hill. I grabbed my weapon and looked through the scope to see it was a
wolf. A big wolf to. I examined it a little closer and then I saw something behind it. As I
increased the power on my scope I saw that it was the beast. I then said a name that
would stick to me and to the beast as Big Foot. Its feet where bigger then its head.
Then something just happened that feeling came back again but it wasn’t the same i
had control and I new exactly what I was doing. I was moving faster and thinking of
was that I could get my revenge on Big Foot. As I was walking, It seemed that I was
moving faster and farther until I looked back and saw that the house was just a dot on
the background. There where signs of the bear slowing down and It was clear that he
was getting close to his home because he was starting to make his tracks closer
together. I had track many bears in my life and I new that it was close to its home by
the signs he was leaving for the female bears around. There was a slit hill and I knew
when I got over the hill I would see where that bear was living right away and I would
then be ably to get my revenge. As I neared the peak of the hill I sharped my senses to
there maximum because this was not just a huge bear it was a smart on to for living so
long. It was a smart bear and it was the one I wanted to no not just wanted to take but
had to take. I stop right at the peak and took one last deep breath as the cold air
chilled the back of my throat and I stepped over the hill to find nothing. There was just
a blank nothingness. There was just a snow drift. There was no tracks leaving the
place and I could not see the bear but I didn’t know where it was. I would be able to
see it if was anywhere around her so where was it. I began to walk down the hill
cautiously but surly. I then noticed that there was a hole in the wall of rock. Then It hit
me Big Foot was living in there. It was an old mine that was very simple for a bear that
size to have a nice home in that mine and it would be very easy for him to life in there.
I was not going into that cave because if I did He would have the advantage so i
decide to pitch a tent and weight for him to come out then use the range of my bullet to
take him down. The wind had picked up down in that valley and I was freezing so I
ducked into the tent to get away from the wind and I soon found myself asleep. When I
awoke it was sunset there was little light and it was really cold. It was the breeze it was
back but how was it blowing throw the tent. I looked behind me and saw why there was
a breeze in the tent. There was five claw marks going throw the back of the tent and I
immediately leapt to my feet and when out the tent. Then I saw big foot about 3 feet
way. He say me and stood up on to feet and then he raised his paw and as it struck
me I pulled the trigger.

The first thing that I felt was a pounding in my head. Then I forced my body to open
my eyes and I was home. In my peaceful bed with an IV in my arm. Then as I slowly
looked over I saw my two best friends Kasey Olsean and Allen Jepsin. They had been
my friends seance we where in high school. They where the only people that I really
love. The First thing I said was “What happened,” and then he ran me through how
they found me and how I almost died. And thats how this story ends.


Story #10: The Package

The Package

“Don’t call the cops! I’ll do anything just please don’t call the cops!”  
Byron Jones was in a horrifying situation that no teenage boy would ever want to be put in. He had been caught shoplifting from a local grocery store, and the owner was about to call the cops. 
Mike, the store owner, paused and pondered Byron’s offer. “Anything?” asked Mike as an idea came into his head. There was one thing he had to do, but didn’t have  the guts to do it. So he told Byron his idea. 

When he got done giving Byron his choices, he looked like he just saw a ghost. “Are you sure theres not anything else I can do?” But he already knew the answer. “Just tell me what I have to do.” 
Mike smiled as he handed Byron a small, but heavy package wrapped in brown paper. There was a piece of paper taped on top with a name and address written on it. “All you need is in here, and you need to do it by midnight tonight, otherwise deal is off.”  Mike warned.

Byron blinked and he was gone. Where he went, Byron would never know. The only thing he really knew at that point was he needed to hurry. He only had two hours until midnight, and who knew how long it would take to reach the address, and find the name on the piece of paper. 

His hands were damp with sweat as he stepped out into the cool fall night, ready to complete his task before midnight. He walked one, two, three blocks before he found his destination. It was a tall building that seemed to lurk in the shadows, hiding. 

Byron walked through the tall glass doors into the main lobby, and headed toward the restaurant on the far left. He checked his watch, and found he only had an hour and a half to complete his task.  As soon as he walked in, he felt off. Everyone here was dressed up while he wore distressed blue jeans, and a grey t-shirt. Women wore fancy designer dresses, that no doubt cost more than what he earned in a year, and men wore nice suits with silk ties and shiny italian shoes. 

He walked through the restaurant looking for the mysterious man. His hands were still drenched with sweat. He wasn’t worried about finding the man, Mike had given a description of him. He was worried about someone finding out about his task. 

Tall men, short men, fat men, thin men. But none of them were the guy he was looking for. Byron was starting to get nervous. It was eleven o’clock, only an hour left. He went to sit down at the bar and got a drink. A guy sat down next to him, and ordered a drink. 

“This guy might know the guy I’m looking for.” Thought Byron. “I should talk to him.” As soon as the guy turned around, Byron was frozen. It was the guy Mike told him about! His plan was set into action. 

It took a while but Byron soon got talking to the guy, pretending to be an interested client wanting to do some business. Eventually the guy asked if he wanted to go up to his office and do some paperwork. “This is my chance! I can’t chicken out now.” Byron thought, as they wound through all of the people out of  the restaurant and took the elevator up to the eleventh floor. 

When they got off the elevator, they walked to the end of  a dimly lit hallway to an office on the left. “Take a seat, and I’ll find the papers.” Said the man, as he searched through a messy stack of papers in his filing cabinet. 

  “Now! While he’s got his back turned! One, two, three...” 

Bam! The gun shot echoed throughout the room, and the man fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood as Byron escaped through the door and out into the night.

Story #9: Untitled


A campfire, a scream, and a lie that could cost more than everyone thought. That
was setting the tone for the night of Saturday, October 23. It was a chilly night one of
the last weekends for all bonfires and haunted housing for everyone. Especially for the
group of juniors from Rock-bend High School. It was a typical Saturday night, everyone
got together, you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend and we either went to a scary
movie or haunted housing and then after have a bonfire. Well, this night was somehow
felt different.

The group was Avery, Carder, Leanna, Billy, and José. Now everyone of these
people have a different personality. Avery was a very pretty, quite, and innocent girl.
Carder and Leanna were together so they were off in their own little world. Billy was
Carder’s cousin and just came along for a good time maybe to get closer to Avery.
José was well, a video game addict that they just kept around because he’s just funny.
The night started out like any other night, the group got together at Avery’s everyone
pilled into Carder’s car and they went to a new haunted house. Well, the thing is no
one ever heard anything about this haunted house. Carder just talked to his uncle and
got the address. His uncle said it was one of the best, but if you talk to anyone else at
school no one knew what you were talking about? Oh, that didn’t matter, who cares if
no one’s been there we’d be the first ones! Somebody has to be the first one for

It started out like a normal haunted house, the sign looked all run down, barely any
lights, the one person at the beginning of the gate taking your money and telling you to
wait for your group name to be called. Well,this one was a little different normally you
see other people in line but this one there was no one. The cashier was a little strange,
she warned them only to pass if they dare. Well of course they were going to pass

As they walked up to this bonfire, there was an old man sitting there carving
something. He was an old man, kind of like that ones you see in movies that were
supposed to scare you but didn’t. Well, all that happen was when they walked up, he
looked up, everyone heard one scream, the fire went out and it was pitch black.
“Oh my God! What just happened?” asked Carter.

“Where’s Leanna?” asked Avery. “I can’t find her, she was standing right next to me!”

“Guys...” José said nervously, “ Umm, that old man, yeah, he’s gone, banished, I
can’t find him, I was standing right next to him and there is NOOOO BODY here!
“Carder, what did your uncle actually say about this place?” asked Avery.

“All he said that it was the scariest place around! I thought it’d be fun!”

“ Well Carter, did he say that people come back to say it was the scariest place
around! Because your girl friend is missing!” screamed Billy.

“Billy! Billy! Come on now we’ll be fine, it’s not like Carter’s uncle would lie to him
about something that could hurt him? We just need to find Leanna and then we will
leave right away! Okay? Lets go, does someone have the flashlight app on their
phone?” said Avery.

José raised his hand and goes, “ Well, yes of course I have the app, but just like in
the movies if we go looking for her we are all going to die. Just saying! I think we
should leave right now!”

“NO! We are not leaving without my girlfriend!” exclaimed Carter.


As soon as the group decided to go looking for Leanna it turned into a show, huge
football stadium head lights came on! Almost blinding everyone with how bright they
were. The gang was paralyzed trying to see what they got themselves into, what type
of place this was, who is here? But all they saw was a white room. A big white room.
Pause, you’re probably wondering how did they not notice walking into a room?
There was a fire, wind, you don’t have that stuff indoors? Well, my friends here’s what
the kids don’t know. Carter’s “uncle” doesn’t tell Carter anything about this place, he’s
actually not even Carter’s uncle, just some guy of the street. But the guy off the street
works for this big company called the RNA. The RNA saves the world as there
company building sits over a huge force that if there is not 5 sacrifices each year the
force will rise to the earth and it will be dooms day. The room that they are in right now
is the final room. You could guess what that means. The room is very high tech it can
take the scene of anything and everything, old haunted house with the wild blowing,
the floor could be dirt one moment and sand the next. What these kids are in for, isn’t
what there looking for and definitely not what they will be leaving for.


Story #8: Crazy bad luck

Crazy bad luck

Chad never thought his first car accident could be his last. Chad was a great driver,
in his 25 years of driving he had never been in an accident. But one unlucky day soon
changed all of that.

One morning on his way to work Chad decided to take a detour since he was
running ahead of his normal time. He came up to and busy intersection, the light
turned green and he stated off. But at the same time, a young man running late to his
work blew the red light. He smashed into the side of Chads car. Chad was pushed
down the street into a building. His car was on fire, but the teen is okay, shaken up but

When the ambulance arrived the young man was out walking around looking for
help. He had scratches and bumps. Chad on the other hand was slightly worse. The
medics had only a limited window of time to get him to the hospital before it was to late.
He was slowly dyeing inside. He was just a vegetable, his family had to choose, let him
live or die. It takes them a while so they let him die. They did it for the best. Sadly when
chads wife and two kids were on there way home from the funeral, they too got hit by
the same teen who hit Chad. Chad’s family was killed on scene. The teen also died, he
got trapped in his company's work truck. The company he worked for filled and
replaced LP fuel tanks. He had a fresh load and was on his way to deliver them to the
company which needed them. The truck caught on fire, the truck exploded. It looked
like a war zone, buildings were badly damaged, and pieces of metal were everywhere.
Amazingly the teen and chads family were the only one to die or get injured. Their was
nothing left of the bodies. Chad family’s grave stones were placed right by his. In there
place of the body, they put chunks of the burnt car in them. Their is a memorial for the
family at the intersection, I guess you can say they went out with a bang.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Story #5: Stranded


It all started when a very confused girl named Rebecca wakes up stranded on a island with know clue where she is. Devastated, her first thought like any normal person was, “What in the world happened last night!?”  Her second thought of course was to panic and naturally, like any other teenage girl she searched for her phone and began to cry. Unfortunately Rebecca only found her ipod and a few coins, but that wasn’t going to do her any good on an Island all alone. Finally, after hours of panicking and crying, she notices that she has no choice but to figure out how to survive on her own and starts making a fort that she could stay in. 

Walking around minding her own business, wondering if she is alone on this sketchy Island, Rebecca notices a girl that is abnormally identical to her! More surprised than ever, she decides she has to investigate! Rebecca starts to ask questions after questions, the girl doesn’t understand Rebecca so she takes her to a tribe where still nobody understands her. Rebecca starts to get frustrated because the foreign people can’t understand her, but then she realizes that she has her ipod and teaches the girl to communicate with her in English from the translation app she had on the ipod. Eventually, the girls learn to talk to one another and Rebecca asks her to bring her home. But then a gorilla named Sean comes out of no where and attacks Rebecca. Unfortunately Rebecca never got to go back home, but on the bright side Rebecca’s twin survived and taught her tribe how to speak English and lived happily ever after. 

Story #6: The Zombie House

The Zombie House

“I’m so excited for this!” Jessica said, with enthusiasm. She was in the car with her best friend, Lilian, and they were on their way to the amusement park named The Amazing Amusement Park of Thrills. 

“I know. The first thing I want to do is get on The Titan of Doom,” Lillian stated. 

“Well, first let’s get a bite to eat, because I’m starving.” Jessica’s stomach growled, and she laughed. 

After another hour of sitting in the car waiting for them to arrive, they finally did. The smell of hot dogs, and sounds of people screaming on the roller coasters made the two girls even more excited. They paid for their tickets, and ran straight for the popcorn stand.

After they had gotten their popcorn, the two girls saw something that they hadn’t seen on the website for the amusement park. It was what appeared to be a haunted house. There was a graveyard on the outside of it, and a big black door that lead to the inside. 

“Hey! Here’s something that no one is in line for. Let’s do this before the lines get too crowded!” Jessica said, walking over toward the haunted house.

“Well...I’m not really into scary things like haunted houses. I enjoy roller coasters, not haunted houses,” Lillian said. 

Jessica kept on walking, and so Lillian decided that she might as well go along with it, otherwise she’d never hear the end of it. 

The two girls walked up the stairs, and pushed on the black, heavy door leading up to a room filled with ghosts, scary music, and sounds of screams. 

“Do you smell that? It smells like a dead rat or something,” Lillian said with revulsion.

“Ew, this is too gross. Let’s get out of here!” Jessica yelled.

The two girls turned around to leave, but when they pushed on the door, it wouldn’t open.

“Ugh,” Jessica said, “We’ll have to just hurry through here, and hope that we don’t throw up from the smell.”

They began to run through the haunted house, and as they did, they didn’t realize that they were being followed. 

“Oh my gosh! A dead end!” Lillian cried. “What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to have to find another exit then,” Jessica said. 

Lillian turned around, and screamed. There were over 10 zombies, and they were moaning the words “Must kill.”

“Run!” Lillian screamed, and they began to run through the haunted house. They got to a part of the house that was pitch black, and Jessica hit her head, fell down, and passed out.

“Jessica!” Lillian began to cry. The zombies were all stepping on Jessica. Lillian could see Jessica underneath them, helpless. Lillian knew that if Jessica was awake she would want her to run and find the exit.

Lillian ran until she reached a corridor. At the end of the corridor was a door, with light pouring out of the cracks. Lillian scampered to the door, and pushed as hard as she could. All of a sudden she felt as if she was falling, and smacked the hard pavement beneath her. 

She lifted her hand to her face and felt blood trickling down her cheek. “Ouch,” she mumbled. “What am I going to do now? My best friend is probably dead, and there is no way I can go back in there.”
Lillian saw out of the corner of her eye, a man that appeared to be staring at her. “You look a little lost, do you need some help?” the man beckoned to her to come closer, but she was reluctant. 

“Well,” she said, “this is going to sound crazy but there were zombies and they were attacking us, and my best friend is still in there. Please help!” 

The man had a serious look on his face. “Well, the haunted house came from Germany. Apparently an old witch put a curse on it. I’ve never seen any activity in it, but I believe you. Let’s get in there and help your friend. I’m an employee here, so I can get into the house different ways than you.” 

Lillian sighed with relief, and then realized if they didn’t hurry it would be too late. “Okay, let’s go!”
They ran over to a door that Lillian hadn’t noticed earlier. It was towards the middle of the haunted house, so it must be a door that can only be used by employees. The man put a key into the door, and opened it up slowly. It creaked, and Lillian jumped.

“Relax, it’s just the door making a noise. Follow me.” He walked up the stairs, and immediately heard a scream. 

“That’s Jessica! I know it is! We have to hurry!” Lillian began running with the old man trailing behind her. 

They turned a corner and saw Jessica huddled in a corner with the monsters circling around her. She was crying and there was blood everywhere. Lillian turned to the man and he looked at her like I don’t know what to do! 

“I remember something from a movie I once saw. Take me to where ever you keep the fire extinguisher,” Lillian said, panting. 

She and the man ran towards the storage room, and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Once Lillian had a hold of it, she sprinted off toward where the zombies were, and used the extinguisher against them. They began to fall like dead flies. Jessica was still sobbing.

“Grab Jessica and let’s get out of here!” Lillian cried, and the man grabbed her and they got out of the haunted house. 

Immediately after they got out of there, Lillian ran to the medical station with Jessica and got her some help to stop the bleeding. They told the medical people what happened, and they just laughed and told the girls that they were too old to have such a big imagination. 

After Jessica got cleaned up, Lillian walked over to the man and asked him what his name was. 
“It’s Davey,” he answered, and smiled. “Thanks for a day of adventures, because I haven’t had one of those in a long time.”

Days after the whole incident had happened, Lillian decided to go back to give Davey a present for helping the girls. She got him a gift card to Farm and Fleet, even though she wasn’t sure if he would like it.

Lillian got out of the car and went to the amusement park help area. “Can you help me locate a man named Davey? I need to give him this gift.” 

The worker researched his name on the computer. “I’m sorry, dear, but we don’t have a worker here named Davey. We used to, but he died inside the haunted house during an accident a year ago. 
Actually, it was exactly a year ago.” The worker apologized for the inconvenience, and Lillian turned to leave the room.

Lillian walked past the haunted house again, and in the corner of her eye, she thought she could see a man that looked exactly like Davey.

Story #7: The Midnight Escape

The Midnight Escape

It’s just past midnight, The elderly man works his window open and escapes through the dark.  A couple months ago an elderly man had two children, who said they couldn’t handle him any more so they put him in a retirement home.  Shortly into his stay at the home he realized the workers there weren’t how they seemed.  One of them spit in his food, they would give him extremely spicy food and make him sit there and suffer through the pain.  After a couple months of taking all of this the man started to plan an escape to get away from the horrid place.  

The darker it gets the more antsy the man gets to leave the horrible place. He finally goes through with it around midnight.  He worked the window in his room open, and slowly climbed out and slid it shut again.  When the sun started to rise he was miles away and couldn’t figure were he was at.  Once he realized where he was, he made his way to one of his children’s house.   H doesn’t know what he is going to tell his child or what he is going to do when he finally gets there.  When he gets there he tells his daughter all of what they did to him at the home and she calls and reports that she has him, they come and pick him up and take him back the the home.  

The day after he gets taken back to the home they beat him so bad that he actually dies.  later that month the funeral home got shut down when they got sued for murdering the elderly man for trying to escape.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Story #4: Robbin A Bank with Bro’s

Robbin A Bank with Bro’s
It was a sunny day in New York City. All the bro’s: Tyrone, Donte, Kalvinone,
Shadynasty, and Lorenzo(he's the one no one likes). Anyways we are all sitting there
in someone else's apartment room cause he was out of town for the week so we
decided were gonna trash it and have fun as we do. As we are siting there eating our
pizza and drinking our diet cokes cause we love to be healthy. Shadynasty says guys
we could totally rob a bank if we wanted, Tyrones like dude are you mental remember
the last time you said we could play a game for lunch who can take the coolest thing
what did austin take. tyrone paused. a freakin fire extinguisher. Donte agreed with
shadynasty and so did Kalvinone but Lorenzo said he didn’t want to steal he would
drive the car.

So after a couple months of planning they bring there friend Austin cause he is crazy
and wild. So they get to the bank and Tyrone and Shadynasty are the first to come in
and they sneak into the main office where the P.A. system is. Kalvinone comes
running in dressed as a zoo keeper saying. “a guy put a wild gorilla in here who hasn't
eaten in 3 days everyone out.” One security guard was on duty and he told everyone
to stay put its probably a prank, but he didn’t know that Tyrone was good at sounding
like a gorilla so he presses the P.A. button and starts going ham. Everyone runs out
screaming and the guard runs to the office and Shadynasty being the beast he is judo
kicks him in the face.

Everyone is out so Shadynasty, Tyrone, Kalvinone, and Austin have a very little
window to get as much money as they can and Donte is a computer genius so he can
hack into the safe. After 5 minutes he opens it and it sets off the alarms for the cops
but it would take awhile cause Lorenzo setup a road block so they would have more
time and it worked it bought them about an extra half hour. So everything went right
they got 32 million dollars from that bank and they got in there car and drive away and
went to the apartment and put all the money on the floor. After they split it equally they
all agreed to get a huge house together and be bro’s forever. Everything went well for
the guy’s for about 2 years and the police were still trying to figure who did this. So
Tyrone thought it would be funny to go to an NBA game go to the announcers and start
doing the gorilla noise on liveT.V.

After 2 weeks the cops linked that noise with the guy who did it at the bank and
found all the guy’s except for shadynasty(the leader) and took them to jail for 15 years
and they could be bailed out it would take 4 million to bail them out and if shadynasty
came and paid they would catch him and throw him in there to. So shadynasty went in
there anyways paid there bond got them out and they went home and as soon as they
got home someone put a bomb in there house and it blew up and they all died a very
happy life. Years later they figure out that it was a plot to take there money cause they
thought the money was in a safe where they could get it but no it was just under there
mattresses and it all burned up and the killers were S.O.L. and the cops found them
and put them away for 20 years and everything worked out for the best. Except that
the bro’s all died but shadynasty had a kid and passed down the money to him that he
saved so his son invented a website called twitter and became richer than rich the end.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Story #3: The Red Guardian

The Red Guardian
  He was just an average guy. That is what they all thought about Klay Kieler. Well in a way they were right but that would soon change.
 It was a late night and Klay was beat after a long day of managing basketball. He was so ready to get home and sleep for the little time there was before he had to get up and do the same monotonous routine he had been in for awhile. He got into his car, put the key in the ignition, turned it, but it did not start. He could not find out what was wrong with his car. He would have called his mother but his phone was dead, which fell right in line with the luck that he was having that day. So he decided that he would just walk.
 He walked down the dimly lit street carrying all of the books that he had to peruse through for the next days studies. After awhile he had almost come upon the downtown area. This was where all the thugs hung out and did there hooligan antics. Coincidentally, it was also the place of the bingo hall, the hop of the town for the elderly. It must have been a crazy night at bingo because there was still a little old lady coming out the door at this late hour. Klay could smell trouble stewing up in the air as he watched the hoodlums approach the lady.
 “Give me all of your bingo winnings, lady!!” the thug screamed.
 “Oh I-Iʼm sorry, but I am afraid that I didnʼt w-win tonight,” the old lady said as she trembled.
 “Just give me your bag!” the thug remarked.
 A shout came from behind the scuffle as the thug started to reach for the bag. That yell was from Klay Kieler. He ran up to the lady and sighted out his target. His eyes were as fiery as the hair on his head. He charged at the thug. The thug threw a punch at Klay, but he smoothly dodged the attack and reversed it with his own fist. It seemed as if it were only one punch that knocked out the felon. There was a power that Klay had never felt in his life before. As he handed back the bag of the old ladyʼs, she thanked him.
“Thank you so much young man, You were so fast and furious all I could see was a blur of red. They should call you the Red Guardian.”
 Klay walked home that night feeling on top of the world. He thought to himself, “ I like that name. I think it could work, and Iʼll finally have a reason to wear those red tights I bought a couple years ago.”
 From that day on, the once average Klay Kieler spent every night protecting the town from the criminals of the town. He was the hero of the people and worst fear for the felons. He was... the Red Guardian.

Story #2: Over the Balance Field

Over the Balance Field

The music pounded through the whole yard. I’m not that kind of girl, the ones that get into so much trouble they don’t see daylight for months, in fact, I keep to myself. My mom remarried a strict business man, and it seems like the only way I can escape my hectic “family”, is going to the parties down the street. 

“Candice!,” I hear my friend shout at me, “Is everything okay?” 

Chloe and I have been friends since first grade. She stuck with me when my mom and I  moved to my stepdad’s, enormous mansion all the way across the Balance Field. I gave her a nod, grabbed her wrist and pulled her on the dance floor. She knows me the best and she can always tell when I have a lot on my mind. I closed my eyes and let the music take me. It’s not everyday that my mom remarries. But she could at least pick the one one that wasn’t such a “noob”. Sure he was rich and paid off her debts but... she doesn’t even know him, not really. She just knows his money. And who is he to tell me what to do all the time, he’s not my dad!

“Chloe, I’m going to get a drink.” I called to her.


I gave her a smile and walked over one of the waiters and grabbed a glowing drink. I really like all the fancy drinks they have here. The drinks on the OtherSide could never compare. These drinks smelled like candy, the gummy kind that no one makes anymore, and it gave you so much energy.  Just as I brought it to my mouth I see someone starring at me. My heart sank, Oh no. It’s security. Of, corse I wasn’t invited, I was a crasher. He pointed his finger and me and as he turned to his buddy I spun on my heals and started to fast walk back to Chloe. Oh, no, Oh, no, Oh, no! 

Attempting to keep my head down I tried to make my way to the dance floor. Then I felt myself run into, what felt like a brick wall, someone. I spilling my drink all over their shirt.

“I’m sorry,” I tried to explain. The last thing I needed was to get caught in a fight.

“It’s fine.” 

I looked up to see who made the response. A guy with shaggy hair, blue eyes, sharp facial features, and tall. Just as I was about to explain my clumsiness, he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the exit.

“Hey, I have to go back in their.” I declaimed as we raced for the door

“Sure, before or after we get thrown out.”

I looked behind me and sure enough the security was on our tail. I felt my eyes grow big when I saw the guys, they were huge! I rushed up next to the guy and notice that we were almost out the door.  
“Do you have a card?” he asked me.

“Yeah, what do you mean ‘Do you have a card?’,” I gave him my card as fast as I could, “Don’t you.” 
Everyone knows that if you live in the InSide (“Heart of the Balance Field”) you have to have a citizens card, otherwise you’ll get arrested and sooner or later you disappear. Out of sight out of mind.
He quickly scanned the card and throw the door open. Together we raced out the door and into the street. 

“Will you follow me?” He looked at me with eager eyes. What was I supposed to say, No and miss out this crazy opportunity. Heck No! I nodded my head as an answer. He let go of my hand, and we started walking.

We walked about 3 blocks before he stopped. “I need your card again.” I passed my it to him and asked, “Where’s your card?” 

He looked at me for a small second, didn’t answer and swiped the card. I heard the door unlatched and he quietly opened it. I have a very bad feeling about this. Why is he being so quiet? 

“Ladies first.” he crooned. I couldn’t help but looked at him, no one says that anymore. My grandfather did when  he was still alive. Which, by the way, was a long time ago.

I walked into a large building with a very high ceiling, and a real, old aged chandelier. “What is this place?” I gawked at the artwork around me.

“It’s one of the last buildings in the area.” he informed me. “Come on. We’ll take the stairs.”  
Looking ahead of me I saw a door and a sign that lead to the stairs. 

I was practically gasping for breath by the time we made our way to the top. “What are we doing up here?” A huge gust of wind took my breath away when he opened the last door. It’s the roof. There was no way, no way I was going out their with this crazy lunatic. I’ve had enough excitement for one night. I took a step back just as he reached his hand out to me. I shook my head and said, “No, no thanks.” He made a weird noise that practically said, “Get over it”, snatched my forearm and dragged me onto the roof. The air was colder and harder to breath in.

“Take it slowly,” he said. “You don’t want to pass out.”

“Why? Would you leave me here?” I joked. I took slow breaths and moved at my own pace. I could see the whole InSide and bits of the OutSide of the Balance Field. The InSide was sparkling with traffic lights and home lights, but the OutSide looked dead, everything was just black. I turned around to find him relaxing in an empty chair. “Why are we here? And, why don’t you have a card?” Those were the two questions that were begging to come out. I flopped into one of the chairs. “Well,” I started. 

He looked out at the view before answering, “Coming up here give me space to think and I can’t get up here without a card. I don’t have a card because I’m not an InSider.” 

I was shocked by his honesty. There was no guy on this planet who would just tell a stranger something like this. “Why are you telling me this?”

He shrugged, “Why not.” 

“I’m Candice.” I spoke after and uncomfortable silence.

“Ryan.” He responded and smiled

All I could do was just smile back. Suddenly my phone went off and it made me jump. I looked at the text I.D and remembered why I should’ve stayed at the party. Chloe. 

Where are you? she texted.

I’m fine, I got spotted and had to run for it. What about you?

Got a ride home with a friend from school.

Sorry. I finished. 

“Should we get back?” he asked

“No it’s okay,” I answered “,my friend just wanted to make sure I’m okay and that she got a ride home.” There was another awkward silence. He nodded his head. “I have one more question,” I looked at him and made sure he was listening “Why, out of all the other people at the party, did you pick me to come with you? Or use my card.”

“You looked alone and board, until the security saw you. Then you looked, umm.. alarmed.” he answered.

“I like your choice of words.” I commented the way he tried to find the right words.

We sat up there talking for a long time. And by the time we left the sun was rising.

“Great, I’m grounded for life.” I mumbled, mostly to myself.

“So, when did you become and InSider?” Ryan asked

I flinched. How did he know that! No except me, my mom and Bill knew that. “Um...,” I started. “ my mom remarried. He was  from the InSide, so he for us to come live with him.”  
He nodded his head as if he understood. “Do you like him?”

“No, he’s secretive and I’m pretty sure he lies to my mom.” I replied.

“What’s his name?”

“Bill.” Why was he asking so many questions now? I looked over at him, he seemed deep in thought.
By the time we reached the place of the party the sun was up. It must’ve been around 7:30 or so. I needed to get home before 8 otherwise my mom would really be upset. “I should get going.” I said.
“Waite, leme see your phone.” Ryan urged.

I handed it to him, I feel like I can trust him now. Just as he reached for it I noticed a tattoo on his right forearm. Tattoos mean a lot of thing. But the one he had, looked just like mine. At sixteen we are all given a tattoo based on numbers. If two people have the same number, there were to be couples forever. It’s not random, in fact people on InSide determine the tattoos and the couples. But some people don’t play those rules, and their other half  is left matchless forever. 

“There.” he said as he handed my phone back. I looked at it to see what he did, He put his contact number in there. I looked up at him and he smiled and started walking down the street. I texted him the first thing when I got up the next day. 

After a few weeks of nonstop texting and calling, I finally invited him to my... Bill’s place. I picked a day when I knew Bill wouldn’t be there. I don’t need him bothering me or being evil to Ryan. When the door finally rang, I ran down the stars like a crazy person and opened the door. It felt different to see him now, I was extremely happy to see him again.

“Come on in,” I open the door for him, and he walk in. “It’s a lot bigger then you then what your used to huh.”

“Wow,” he looked past me and looked into the house. “This is a house!” I smiled at his remark. It was the same thing I thought when I first moved in. Four houses could fit in here! 

“This is my house,” I commented. “Well, it’s my step dad’s.” I closed the door so he could take a look around. 

“Bill, right?” he asked

“Yeah.” I remembered that he had looked tense when I mentioned him last time. “Do you know him?” 

“Everyone on the boarder knows him.” He paused and looked at me, “He’s a main reason people like me get caught and disappear.”

I was astonished. It explained a lot of why he would leave at random, to think of it, he never talked    about his job. “How do you know that?”

“A friend of mine got caught.” he paused. 

We walked out onto the patio. Bill had a big in ground pool with a large backyard. It was lined with tall hedges and torches that were lit at night. 

“He was a few years older then me, so we weren’t really that close.” he paused. “Anyway, all I remember is it was at night time, he pushed me in between buildings and men grabbed him. I remember one of them called out to Bill, and Bill just yelling orders.” I looked over at him when he was done talking. 

“And..” I pressured. 

“That’s how I got into the InSide.” he smiled like he knew something I didn’t.


“Enough about me,” he started, then pointed out onto the grass, “wanna go for a ride?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. The ride he was talking about was a little kids bike. I babysat kids every now and then and they left a set of bikes and other toys here. I took my chance and sprinted to the bikes. I heard him laugh and before I even got the chance to look, he passed me. 

“That’s it,” he challenged like he was suppressed. He took the bigger bike and I was stuck with the little one.  We both took off, looking absolutely ridiculous. We circled after each other for a long time. Push. Push. Knees to the chest. Knees to the chest. It felt impossible to ride this bike comfortably and my kneecaps literally hit my chest every time. 

“You’ve been marked?” he looked at me surprised. I glance at my wrist and pulled my shirt over it. Of corse he saw it. 

“Yeah.” I mumbled. I didn’t want to risk the chance that we weren’t matched. I liked him, “like” him. (Even though this is my second time seeing him. But we texted for a few weeks now, so... I practically know him.)

“Can I...” he started. I nodded my head to let him know that it was okay. He grabbed my hand and pulled my shirt sleave up. I watched him for a reaction. It looked like he was reading it over and over trying to figure it out. “23714” he said. I saw his Adams apple jump when he swallowed. He let my arms go and his fell to his side. Doubt spread through me. What were his numbers? I reach for his wrist, 23779.  I just looked at it. Does this mean we cant be together? 

Then it hit me, my mom was tattooed, but Bill wasn’t so who cares! I weaved my fingers through his and held his hand. It doesn’t matter, their just numbers right. He closed in on me and hugged me not letting go of my hand. 

“Candice, I’m leaving.” Ryan broke the silence.

“Leaving? Where are you going? Why?” I felt dumbstruck. 

“I’m going to the other side of the balance field.”

“Oh.” It was all I could say. The other InSide was on the other side of the balance field. It’s much bigger and less strict. People there lived on the new technology that was being made every year. Unlike here, people tried to be traditional. They say the closer the way it was on Earth’s surface the better.
“Candice!” a voice boomed through us. 

I could pick out from anyone, and anywhere on the balance field. Bill. I spun around and looked at him. 

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Inside, now!” he ordered. His face was red and the veins on the side of his head were sticking out. 
“K, fine. I’m Coming.” I replayed. I turned to Ryan, “I’m sorry. I’ll.. I’ll walk you to the gates.” He smiled and nodded his head. Just as we started walking I heard Bill yell out to me.

“Candice! Get inside NOW!” 

“I’m coming.”  I yelled back.

“Candice go ahead.” at that, he slipped something in my hand.

At my remark, Bill stormed down the patio to Ryan and I. Oh my gosh! He’s going to blow his top.
“Candice, Go Inside!” he said calmly. I looked at Ryan helplessly, and headed inside. Bill had a voice on him, if you made him angry you’ll be sure to know, as well as the neighbors. So I didn’t want to push my luck. When I got into the kitchen I opened the window a little so I could hear what Bill was saying, but it was useless. I could only see them. Bill had a serious face and Ryan was calm. How? How can he be so calm? What were they talking about? Then suddenly Bill walked away. I saw Ryan look back once before disappearing.

“You stay away from him.” Bill told me. “He’s nothing but trouble and an OutSider.”
“Right, because my mom and I weren’t one. Hey, I thought you were on business?”
“Came home early?” Bill looked very grim at me. I was pushing it.  He walked over to me glanced at my wrist and walked away. 
I ran up to my room with the paper still clutched in my hand. I couldn’t believe I forgot about it. I didn’t dare risk the chance of my mom or Bill even seeing it. When I felt safe, I collapsed on my bed and opened the little piece of paper.

Meet me at the train station at 10 tonight. Don’t bring you card.
I was astonished. He wanted me to runaway with him! Adrenaline rushed through me. Go to the other InSide. I dashed to my closet and grabbed a small suite case. I threw in some clothes when it hit me. My mom. I can’t just leave her. We both came into the InSide together, and we came with Bill. There was noway I could leave her with him, all alone. I sat down and slouched on my bed. I crossed my arms over my knees and started to tear up. I cant stay here. The first time something good happens is about to leave. But I have to stay here.
“Candice, dinner.” my mom told me through the door. 
“I’m not hungry mom.” I forced myself to sound calm.
“Are you sure.”
And just like that she left. 

The clock said 9:30 P.M. and my heart was pounding. Part of me felt like I was letting myself down and an awful feeling sank in when I realized I would letting Ryan down. I kept reading the note over and over “10 o’clock, tonight”. I looked over at the clock again and it said 9:35 P.M. This night would never end! 
Right on cue, my phone rang. I got of my bed and trudged over to my desk. Ryan’s caller I.D. popped up. I stepped back from the phone and let it go to voice mail. I couldn’t tell him why I couldn’t go. Though he deserved to know. I sat back down on my bed and looked at the packed suit case and note. 

The clock read 10:15 before I finally gave in. Did he leave without me? 

I was still on my bed when I heard a knock on glass. My head shot right up. It was practically impossible to get to my window without a latter. But sure enough Ryan was out there. 
“Ryan.” I whispered. 
“You didn’t show up.”
I turned to look at my bed for my suite case.
“If you didn’t want to leave, I get it. But I wanted to hear you say it before I left.” he was hugging me.
My heart was pounding and my mind was racing telling me to go with him. “Let’s go.” I agreed. 
I walked over to my bed grabbed my suite case, the note and ran to my window. Ryan was already on the ground. I took one last look into my room and heard someone racing through the halls, I duck out the window.

Ryan was parked a block away. By the time we got in and started to leave, we heard a ruckus going on over  the street. 
“Let’s go..” I started
He nodded his head and we started driving to the station. 

My heart was beating like crazy and I notice I was shaking. What will happen when Bill finds out I’m gone? What will he do when he finds out I’m with Ryan? Before I had the chance to ask Ryan how far we were to the station he grabbed my hand. I looked at him. What’s wrong?, was the first thing that flashed through my head.

“Please, stay in the car.” he looked at me then in front of him. I followed his gaze and saw two cars in the middle of our way. Ryan unbuckled his seatbelt, opened his door and step out of the car. Still looking ahead I saw someone step out the bigger vehicle across from us. I couldn’t get a good look at him. 

Ryan step closer to the man and it seemed like they were talking. Suddenly the man pulled he fist back and punched Ryan right in the cheek. He collapsed on the hood. I saw a bloody line come from the side of his eye. The man grabbed the calor of his shirt, pulled him off the hood of the car and took another swing at him. I knew he told me to wait in the car, but I was not going to watch him being hurt. I got out of the car to stand up to the beast. 

“Stop!” I shouted. I herd my voice break when I say the man. “Bill!”
I ran to and stopped his arm from making another blow. He spun me around to another man, who eventually snatched me by the arms and pushed me into a car. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my neck. And everything suddenly got blurry. I heard a cry. 
“Ryan!” I yelled
My vision blacked out.

I woke up in my room and my mom was sitting next to me. 
“Mom,” my voice was groggy. “Where’s...where’s Ryan.”
“Bill!” she called out. “Hang on sweetie?”
“Can I talk to her alone.” Bill walked into my room and asked my mom.
After my mom left Bill started to talk, “Ryan’s gone.”
I started to get angry. “What do you mean he’s gone?”
“He’s gone. Over the balance field. He’s not coming back.”
I felt my heart fall. “Leave me alone.” 

I’m going to find him. I will.