Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #12: Karma

Karma [Original title edited]

It was January 1, 2013. It was a new year, and Josh and Austin had made
resolutions to become better people, and help people when they’re in need. Little did
they know, they had quite the experience come to them.

It was no longer a week later that the small town of Erie had something come that
they had never in their life expected, a giant squirrel. This squirrel was no ordinary
squirrel. It was as wide as an elephant, and as tall as a giraffe, with claws as long as a
mini van. The squirrel was destroying buildings, stomping on cars, and whipping
people across town. The Village of Erie was frightened by the squirrel’s actions, so
they all took cover at the Erie Campground by the Rock River. They thought that if they
stayed out there, that they wouldn’t have to worry about getting killed. Several hours
later, the squirrel had destroyed every building in town, and Josh and Austin had just
the plan.

After approximately a day, Josh and Austin have decided to go back into town, and
find the squirrel, they wanted to challenge it. They had brought homemade bombs and
pistols with them, and had planned to defeat the squirrel. After searching for many
hours, they had finally found the squirrel at Shaheen’s eating all of their frozen pea’s.
Josh decided to throw a bomb immediately, and try to blow it up, but all that it did was
make the squirrel mad. Austin then panicked and started shooting at it, blowing its front
right leg off. The squirrel then began to screech and become angrier. Josh began to
run after it, and attempt to tackle it, but bounced off of it like a bouncy ball. Austin was
still shooting at it, trying to knock it down, but was just damaging its legs more,
because it was so massive. Unexpectedly, Josh whips out a AK47, and knocks it down.
Austin, in complete shock, runs up to it, and pulls on its ginormous teeth, and yanks
them out and stabs it with the teeth repeatedly. The squirrel was in for a rude

After several days and nights of fighting this unexpected appearance of this squirrel,
Josh and Austin had defeated the squirrel, and had saved the town. Their resolution
for the new year had came true, they had done a good deed not only for themselves,
but for the entire Village of Erie. They had never been so proud of themselves, and
had never had so many people look up to them before. This was a once in a lifetime
experience, and they made it worth it.

It was only several days later that something tragic had happened. Everybody says
karma’s a pain in the rear, well, they’ve never had something like this. Josh and Austin
had been eaten by twelve baby rhinos. It was a extremely tragic event, but karma had
really got them good. We all thank you for your guys’ good deed, but it was your time
to go....who’s next?

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