Monday, January 28, 2013

Story #4: Robbin A Bank with Bro’s

Robbin A Bank with Bro’s
It was a sunny day in New York City. All the bro’s: Tyrone, Donte, Kalvinone,
Shadynasty, and Lorenzo(he's the one no one likes). Anyways we are all sitting there
in someone else's apartment room cause he was out of town for the week so we
decided were gonna trash it and have fun as we do. As we are siting there eating our
pizza and drinking our diet cokes cause we love to be healthy. Shadynasty says guys
we could totally rob a bank if we wanted, Tyrones like dude are you mental remember
the last time you said we could play a game for lunch who can take the coolest thing
what did austin take. tyrone paused. a freakin fire extinguisher. Donte agreed with
shadynasty and so did Kalvinone but Lorenzo said he didn’t want to steal he would
drive the car.

So after a couple months of planning they bring there friend Austin cause he is crazy
and wild. So they get to the bank and Tyrone and Shadynasty are the first to come in
and they sneak into the main office where the P.A. system is. Kalvinone comes
running in dressed as a zoo keeper saying. “a guy put a wild gorilla in here who hasn't
eaten in 3 days everyone out.” One security guard was on duty and he told everyone
to stay put its probably a prank, but he didn’t know that Tyrone was good at sounding
like a gorilla so he presses the P.A. button and starts going ham. Everyone runs out
screaming and the guard runs to the office and Shadynasty being the beast he is judo
kicks him in the face.

Everyone is out so Shadynasty, Tyrone, Kalvinone, and Austin have a very little
window to get as much money as they can and Donte is a computer genius so he can
hack into the safe. After 5 minutes he opens it and it sets off the alarms for the cops
but it would take awhile cause Lorenzo setup a road block so they would have more
time and it worked it bought them about an extra half hour. So everything went right
they got 32 million dollars from that bank and they got in there car and drive away and
went to the apartment and put all the money on the floor. After they split it equally they
all agreed to get a huge house together and be bro’s forever. Everything went well for
the guy’s for about 2 years and the police were still trying to figure who did this. So
Tyrone thought it would be funny to go to an NBA game go to the announcers and start
doing the gorilla noise on liveT.V.

After 2 weeks the cops linked that noise with the guy who did it at the bank and
found all the guy’s except for shadynasty(the leader) and took them to jail for 15 years
and they could be bailed out it would take 4 million to bail them out and if shadynasty
came and paid they would catch him and throw him in there to. So shadynasty went in
there anyways paid there bond got them out and they went home and as soon as they
got home someone put a bomb in there house and it blew up and they all died a very
happy life. Years later they figure out that it was a plot to take there money cause they
thought the money was in a safe where they could get it but no it was just under there
mattresses and it all burned up and the killers were S.O.L. and the cops found them
and put them away for 20 years and everything worked out for the best. Except that
the bro’s all died but shadynasty had a kid and passed down the money to him that he
saved so his son invented a website called twitter and became richer than rich the end.

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