Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #11: The Hunt for Revenge

The Hunt for Revenge

I was just a simple hunter. I never did anything illegal and or stuff you shouldn’t. I
always admired my brother because my dad was the hunter in are family and he
taught us everything we know. He would always take my brother and never me. I was
always to little to weak. But now i’m the best hunter around. I have hunted almost
everything in country. If you can name it there is a good chance that I have hunted It
my name is Klay Kieler. I have been all over the world hunting some of the biggest and
hardest game there is to kill. I have also broke many records and shot some world
records 7 and they still have not been broken. I hunted with some tv shows and have
made millions of them. I am going to do on many hunts and this was going to be my
last one my final one.

It was the spring up there in Alberta, Canada. The temperature had rose and there
was still a bit of snow on the ground but that didn’t bother me to much I had been quiet
use to it back home. I flew in on a bush plane to a little cabin. I built it up there when I
was younger and I always when up there for a few week just to get away. It was my
favorite spot to go. As the pilot flew away I got that small sense of loneliness and that
was the hole reason I came up here. So after get unpacked and settled With my five
days worth of food, I decide to go visit my neighbors that lived just up the mountain
they where great people and they where the only people that lived around in this area.
As I put my snow shoes on and grabbed my .338 and then I head out. It was a
beautiful day out there. And when I got there It was a day that I would never forget.
The walk up the mountain was smooth not very hard for me and I had saw some
signs of wolf tracks around. They where the hole reason that I had came up to Alberta.
I had never shot one of them before but they where always on my hit list. I had tried to
hunt them before but they where always so elusive and I could never get a shoot at
one of them. As I examined the tracks I could easily tell that It was a big wolf. Its track
was just about the size of my hand and that is very rare for a wolf so I new that was the
one I wanted to take. I decide to think about it as I kept walking up the mountain. When
I was near there house I could see it. It was a big house and very good looking for the
place that it was at. As I got closer to the house I felt a chill and then it seemed as if it
was getting colder. I didn’t think much of it and when I got there I was shocked to death.
All I could see was carnage. There was blood everywhere death destruction and
they where both died. There was no reason for them to attack to happen but it did and
I could not find out why. There was no food in there or anything. Then the next thing I
saw shock he at the core. It was a track but not just one little track it was the biggest
thing that I ever seen. It was full of blood and the claws alone could rip your arm of. It
was the biggest thing that I had ever seen. Then something happened to me it was a
mixture of anger, adrenalin, and energy. I took over my hole body. I got out my satellite
phone and called the police and gave them the exact coordinates of the house and
they said It would be at least one day. I then grabbed his pack from inside the house
and so food and went right after that bear. I was going to have my vengeance on it.
I tracked it for hours and I was moving so fast and so full of anger that I didn’t realize
that I was moving so fast and for so many miles. Then I just crashed It felt like I just ran
a mile on a full sprint. I had to stop and drink something and try to clean my head
because there is one thing that I know for sure is that I cant continue chasing this bear
until my head is clear. I was just looking around when I saw something strange at the
end of that hill. I grabbed my weapon and looked through the scope to see it was a
wolf. A big wolf to. I examined it a little closer and then I saw something behind it. As I
increased the power on my scope I saw that it was the beast. I then said a name that
would stick to me and to the beast as Big Foot. Its feet where bigger then its head.
Then something just happened that feeling came back again but it wasn’t the same i
had control and I new exactly what I was doing. I was moving faster and thinking of
was that I could get my revenge on Big Foot. As I was walking, It seemed that I was
moving faster and farther until I looked back and saw that the house was just a dot on
the background. There where signs of the bear slowing down and It was clear that he
was getting close to his home because he was starting to make his tracks closer
together. I had track many bears in my life and I new that it was close to its home by
the signs he was leaving for the female bears around. There was a slit hill and I knew
when I got over the hill I would see where that bear was living right away and I would
then be ably to get my revenge. As I neared the peak of the hill I sharped my senses to
there maximum because this was not just a huge bear it was a smart on to for living so
long. It was a smart bear and it was the one I wanted to no not just wanted to take but
had to take. I stop right at the peak and took one last deep breath as the cold air
chilled the back of my throat and I stepped over the hill to find nothing. There was just
a blank nothingness. There was just a snow drift. There was no tracks leaving the
place and I could not see the bear but I didn’t know where it was. I would be able to
see it if was anywhere around her so where was it. I began to walk down the hill
cautiously but surly. I then noticed that there was a hole in the wall of rock. Then It hit
me Big Foot was living in there. It was an old mine that was very simple for a bear that
size to have a nice home in that mine and it would be very easy for him to life in there.
I was not going into that cave because if I did He would have the advantage so i
decide to pitch a tent and weight for him to come out then use the range of my bullet to
take him down. The wind had picked up down in that valley and I was freezing so I
ducked into the tent to get away from the wind and I soon found myself asleep. When I
awoke it was sunset there was little light and it was really cold. It was the breeze it was
back but how was it blowing throw the tent. I looked behind me and saw why there was
a breeze in the tent. There was five claw marks going throw the back of the tent and I
immediately leapt to my feet and when out the tent. Then I saw big foot about 3 feet
way. He say me and stood up on to feet and then he raised his paw and as it struck
me I pulled the trigger.

The first thing that I felt was a pounding in my head. Then I forced my body to open
my eyes and I was home. In my peaceful bed with an IV in my arm. Then as I slowly
looked over I saw my two best friends Kasey Olsean and Allen Jepsin. They had been
my friends seance we where in high school. They where the only people that I really
love. The First thing I said was “What happened,” and then he ran me through how
they found me and how I almost died. And thats how this story ends.


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