Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #13: Scare Tactics

Scare Tactics

”Oh my god I do not want to work today”. Said Lance the typical high school boy as he was waking up in the morning. All he wanted to do was play in the big basketball game that night and not work at Kasey‚ general store. Little did he know that tonight would be the most interesting night of his life. 
It started like any other day at work, people bought their Arnold Palmer, gas, and other necessities. But around 3:00 as Lance was about to doze off to sleep at the cash register a guy comes in wearing all black. Instantly Lance was alarmed at this mans appearance. He looked like a scruffy beard Lumberjack in all black. 

“Give me the money now.” says the sketchy man as he starts pulling out a small hand-axe. 

“Okay, Okay just don’t do anything crazy”.‚ says Lance as he slyly presses the alarm button that alerts the authorities. He then fumbles around with the register. Then he says , I can’t get it open.

“Well that‚ too bad I guess you are coming with me”. says the large man as he grabs Lance and the cash register. Lance tries to fight back but this man was solid muscle and is easily overwhelming Lance. He takes Lance to his huge van. Then he says ,‚ “My name is Krauser, the real reason I  came here was for supper and you are  on the menu.

  “Helpppp.” screams Lance. Krauser then pulls out his axe and chops at LAnce but lance escapes his grip manages to get out of the van.

“You can run all you like but you‚ never escape me”. says Krauser. He then throws a lasso and catches Lance. 

“Are you scared.” says Krauser.

“mhmmm”. mumbles Lance

“You shouldn’t be because you are on Scare Tactics.” The show where people are scared whimless for your enjoymen, your friends on the basketball team set you up so you can be ready to play tonight.‚ Suddenly all his friends come and give him a hug. 

”Oh my god”. says Lance in disbelief. He was used to scaring other people, but this time the joke was on him. Later that night, Lance played the best basketball game of his life and he attributed it to him being scared earlier.

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