Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #9: Untitled


A campfire, a scream, and a lie that could cost more than everyone thought. That
was setting the tone for the night of Saturday, October 23. It was a chilly night one of
the last weekends for all bonfires and haunted housing for everyone. Especially for the
group of juniors from Rock-bend High School. It was a typical Saturday night, everyone
got together, you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend and we either went to a scary
movie or haunted housing and then after have a bonfire. Well, this night was somehow
felt different.

The group was Avery, Carder, Leanna, Billy, and José. Now everyone of these
people have a different personality. Avery was a very pretty, quite, and innocent girl.
Carder and Leanna were together so they were off in their own little world. Billy was
Carder’s cousin and just came along for a good time maybe to get closer to Avery.
José was well, a video game addict that they just kept around because he’s just funny.
The night started out like any other night, the group got together at Avery’s everyone
pilled into Carder’s car and they went to a new haunted house. Well, the thing is no
one ever heard anything about this haunted house. Carder just talked to his uncle and
got the address. His uncle said it was one of the best, but if you talk to anyone else at
school no one knew what you were talking about? Oh, that didn’t matter, who cares if
no one’s been there we’d be the first ones! Somebody has to be the first one for

It started out like a normal haunted house, the sign looked all run down, barely any
lights, the one person at the beginning of the gate taking your money and telling you to
wait for your group name to be called. Well,this one was a little different normally you
see other people in line but this one there was no one. The cashier was a little strange,
she warned them only to pass if they dare. Well of course they were going to pass

As they walked up to this bonfire, there was an old man sitting there carving
something. He was an old man, kind of like that ones you see in movies that were
supposed to scare you but didn’t. Well, all that happen was when they walked up, he
looked up, everyone heard one scream, the fire went out and it was pitch black.
“Oh my God! What just happened?” asked Carter.

“Where’s Leanna?” asked Avery. “I can’t find her, she was standing right next to me!”

“Guys...” José said nervously, “ Umm, that old man, yeah, he’s gone, banished, I
can’t find him, I was standing right next to him and there is NOOOO BODY here!
“Carder, what did your uncle actually say about this place?” asked Avery.

“All he said that it was the scariest place around! I thought it’d be fun!”

“ Well Carter, did he say that people come back to say it was the scariest place
around! Because your girl friend is missing!” screamed Billy.

“Billy! Billy! Come on now we’ll be fine, it’s not like Carter’s uncle would lie to him
about something that could hurt him? We just need to find Leanna and then we will
leave right away! Okay? Lets go, does someone have the flashlight app on their
phone?” said Avery.

José raised his hand and goes, “ Well, yes of course I have the app, but just like in
the movies if we go looking for her we are all going to die. Just saying! I think we
should leave right now!”

“NO! We are not leaving without my girlfriend!” exclaimed Carter.


As soon as the group decided to go looking for Leanna it turned into a show, huge
football stadium head lights came on! Almost blinding everyone with how bright they
were. The gang was paralyzed trying to see what they got themselves into, what type
of place this was, who is here? But all they saw was a white room. A big white room.
Pause, you’re probably wondering how did they not notice walking into a room?
There was a fire, wind, you don’t have that stuff indoors? Well, my friends here’s what
the kids don’t know. Carter’s “uncle” doesn’t tell Carter anything about this place, he’s
actually not even Carter’s uncle, just some guy of the street. But the guy off the street
works for this big company called the RNA. The RNA saves the world as there
company building sits over a huge force that if there is not 5 sacrifices each year the
force will rise to the earth and it will be dooms day. The room that they are in right now
is the final room. You could guess what that means. The room is very high tech it can
take the scene of anything and everything, old haunted house with the wild blowing,
the floor could be dirt one moment and sand the next. What these kids are in for, isn’t
what there looking for and definitely not what they will be leaving for.


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