Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #8: Crazy bad luck

Crazy bad luck

Chad never thought his first car accident could be his last. Chad was a great driver,
in his 25 years of driving he had never been in an accident. But one unlucky day soon
changed all of that.

One morning on his way to work Chad decided to take a detour since he was
running ahead of his normal time. He came up to and busy intersection, the light
turned green and he stated off. But at the same time, a young man running late to his
work blew the red light. He smashed into the side of Chads car. Chad was pushed
down the street into a building. His car was on fire, but the teen is okay, shaken up but

When the ambulance arrived the young man was out walking around looking for
help. He had scratches and bumps. Chad on the other hand was slightly worse. The
medics had only a limited window of time to get him to the hospital before it was to late.
He was slowly dyeing inside. He was just a vegetable, his family had to choose, let him
live or die. It takes them a while so they let him die. They did it for the best. Sadly when
chads wife and two kids were on there way home from the funeral, they too got hit by
the same teen who hit Chad. Chad’s family was killed on scene. The teen also died, he
got trapped in his company's work truck. The company he worked for filled and
replaced LP fuel tanks. He had a fresh load and was on his way to deliver them to the
company which needed them. The truck caught on fire, the truck exploded. It looked
like a war zone, buildings were badly damaged, and pieces of metal were everywhere.
Amazingly the teen and chads family were the only one to die or get injured. Their was
nothing left of the bodies. Chad family’s grave stones were placed right by his. In there
place of the body, they put chunks of the burnt car in them. Their is a memorial for the
family at the intersection, I guess you can say they went out with a bang.


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