Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome to the Class of 2015 Blog Page!

This is going to be an awesome semester, right!?

Please follow these guidelines as you set up your account and whenever you are writing a blog post:

-Just use your first name (and last initial if you share a name with a classmate).

-Keep it appropriate for school. If you have to ask or wonder, then it's probably not appropriate. This includes any form of making fun of an individual or group of people. 

-These posts are forever. You can never take back what you write on the internet. Always keep that in mind.

-You are GRADED on what you write here. If it's not constructive or appropriate, or just in bad taste, you will earn a zero. 

-Re-read your post for spelling/grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage, etc.. If you see a squiggly line under a word, double check it.

-Keep it classy. You are representing not only yourself, but your classmates and your school.

-If you are able to upload images, it's OK to include them. But they must follow the same appropriateness, as well. 

-Your posts will be approved by me first.

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