Sunday, January 27, 2013

Story #3: The Red Guardian

The Red Guardian
  He was just an average guy. That is what they all thought about Klay Kieler. Well in a way they were right but that would soon change.
 It was a late night and Klay was beat after a long day of managing basketball. He was so ready to get home and sleep for the little time there was before he had to get up and do the same monotonous routine he had been in for awhile. He got into his car, put the key in the ignition, turned it, but it did not start. He could not find out what was wrong with his car. He would have called his mother but his phone was dead, which fell right in line with the luck that he was having that day. So he decided that he would just walk.
 He walked down the dimly lit street carrying all of the books that he had to peruse through for the next days studies. After awhile he had almost come upon the downtown area. This was where all the thugs hung out and did there hooligan antics. Coincidentally, it was also the place of the bingo hall, the hop of the town for the elderly. It must have been a crazy night at bingo because there was still a little old lady coming out the door at this late hour. Klay could smell trouble stewing up in the air as he watched the hoodlums approach the lady.
 “Give me all of your bingo winnings, lady!!” the thug screamed.
 “Oh I-Iʼm sorry, but I am afraid that I didnʼt w-win tonight,” the old lady said as she trembled.
 “Just give me your bag!” the thug remarked.
 A shout came from behind the scuffle as the thug started to reach for the bag. That yell was from Klay Kieler. He ran up to the lady and sighted out his target. His eyes were as fiery as the hair on his head. He charged at the thug. The thug threw a punch at Klay, but he smoothly dodged the attack and reversed it with his own fist. It seemed as if it were only one punch that knocked out the felon. There was a power that Klay had never felt in his life before. As he handed back the bag of the old ladyʼs, she thanked him.
“Thank you so much young man, You were so fast and furious all I could see was a blur of red. They should call you the Red Guardian.”
 Klay walked home that night feeling on top of the world. He thought to himself, “ I like that name. I think it could work, and Iʼll finally have a reason to wear those red tights I bought a couple years ago.”
 From that day on, the once average Klay Kieler spent every night protecting the town from the criminals of the town. He was the hero of the people and worst fear for the felons. He was... the Red Guardian.

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