Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Story #7: The Midnight Escape

The Midnight Escape

It’s just past midnight, The elderly man works his window open and escapes through the dark.  A couple months ago an elderly man had two children, who said they couldn’t handle him any more so they put him in a retirement home.  Shortly into his stay at the home he realized the workers there weren’t how they seemed.  One of them spit in his food, they would give him extremely spicy food and make him sit there and suffer through the pain.  After a couple months of taking all of this the man started to plan an escape to get away from the horrid place.  

The darker it gets the more antsy the man gets to leave the horrible place. He finally goes through with it around midnight.  He worked the window in his room open, and slowly climbed out and slid it shut again.  When the sun started to rise he was miles away and couldn’t figure were he was at.  Once he realized where he was, he made his way to one of his children’s house.   H doesn’t know what he is going to tell his child or what he is going to do when he finally gets there.  When he gets there he tells his daughter all of what they did to him at the home and she calls and reports that she has him, they come and pick him up and take him back the the home.  

The day after he gets taken back to the home they beat him so bad that he actually dies.  later that month the funeral home got shut down when they got sued for murdering the elderly man for trying to escape.

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