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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story #39: Untitled


“Cover your heads!” the flight attendants screamed, while emergency sirens screeched
in the background. The plane was thrown to the left and all the while heading straight
for the ground.

“What do we do?” Helen asked frantically

“Hold on tight and say our prayers because this plane is not going down easy.”
responded Joe in a not so calm voice.

This couple had just been married the day before and were on their way to what was
suppose to be the trip of their lifetime. Helen had been weary about flying but Joe had
promised her that everything was going to be alright. They were going to fly to their
dream destination with no issues and have a great time. Helen would have been
cursing Joe about promising her that everything would be alright but that was the least
of her problems at that moment.

“I’m scared” screamed Helen

“Put on your seatbelt and hold my hand,” said Joe, “were going to get through this
together.” Just then the plane took a jerky right and the little bit of confidence that was
still contained in Joe faded away. Everything around them was complete chaos,
passengers screaming and crying, but they payed little attention. There only goal was
to try and survive this horrible plane crash together.

Just then there was a horrendous noise as the front of the plane met sand, trees,
and land. Everyone was jerked forward, some passengers flying out while others still
endeared the crash. One of the passengers who was thrown from the plane was Helen.
Now I am unaware of what thoughts were running through Joe’s mind as he realized
that Helen was no longer strapped in beside him, but I would guess that he was
thinking I need to find her.

Finally, after what seemed to be hours the plane came to a screeching stop. Of
course people were frantically running around trying to find their love ones or trying to
help the injured. Joe looked up, there seemed to be about twenty people who could
walk around and start giving care to the injured. Joe’s main priority was to find Helen
and make sure she was okay. But first he had to get himself unstrapped from a maze
of seat belts and pieces of plane. That’s when he began to smell that horrible smell,
the smell that changed his entire train of thought completely. Fuel.

“This plane is going to blow up!” Joe yelled at the top of his lungs, of course this
caused even more chaos as everyone began scrambling, running towards the jungle,
dragging the injured and grabbing any supplies that was still useable. Joe still tied in
started to get nervous himself as he realized that were was no way out. Just when he
began to give up hope he spotted a sharp piece of metal that had probably fell off of
the plane. He grabbed for it, the seat belts choking him in the process, just as he did
so a sharp pain shot up his right leg, he must have broken it during the crash but being
to absorbed in the crash to even notice. He grabbed the metal and began cutting at the
fabric of the seat belts. The smell of fuel growing stronger and stronger by the minute.
Finally, he cut the last strand of material and tried to stand up but that’s where it
stopped. He couldn’t stand up because of the pain coming from his leg. What am I
going to do? he thought... this is the end of it for me. Joe had just enough hope left to
start crawling. It did cause a lot of pain on his leg but survival was more important for
him than giving up because of pain.

After a pain-enduring, life threatening, what seemed like forever process of carrying
himself to the jungle he stopped and sat up against a tree. Just then he heard a loud
boom and multiple screams from those passengers who were unable to get away.
He knew he needed to find Helen soon or else the chances of her survival were very

Not caring about the pain he looked everywhere for Helen. He went back to the
crash scene to search the victims. The first people that he spotted were the people
who had been sitting right beside him. An elderly couple who he knew for a fact had
had a nice long life, well he hoped anyways. They were laying side by side, facing
down probably killed during the explosion. Next to be spotted were the two flight
attendants who had been screaming orders at the passengers, both dead. These were
the only people who popped out at him. There were many more unknown faces laying
in the sand, all dead. He searched everyone with great caution searching for the love
of his life. When he didn’t find her there, he decided to go ask passengers who were
walking around like chicken with their heads cut off.

“Have you seen a woman with dark brown hair wearing a wedding dress?” he said
unconfidently. Anyone who was wearing a wedding dress should be pretty noticeable.
“No, I’m sorry sir. I’m sure she is around her somewhere.” said a man who had a
giant gash across his forehead.

Joe having little hope left began searching the jungle. Not knowing the land he
searched far and low. Around trees, under leaves, sometimes seeing the dead laying
there. This sparked the idea that Helen was probably dead and his search would go on
and on and Helen would never turn up. He sat down with his back against a tree, all
hope lost and began to cry. The love of his life, the girl he had just married yesterday
was gone and never to be found again. “Where are we anyway?” he said aloud, not
expecting anyone to answer.

“I’m not really sure, but we do need to find a way out of here.” said Helen.
Joe turned to see Helen laying under a big jungle plant where she must have been
thrown during the impact.

Story #38: The Year With No Parents

The Year With No Parents

It was July 1st, 2014, and a 17 year old boy was going to bed angry on his birthday.
All Josh wanted to do on his birthday was drive to the concert a couple hours away
with a few of his closest friends. When the group excitedly proposed the idea, every
single parent said no. Being Josh’s birthday, he took the no the hardest. Having his
birthday been a complete disappointment, Josh was angry. When he was in bed, at the
top of his rage he made a wish that every teenager has made once in their life, he
wished that he didn’t have parents. This time something was different, as Josh fell
asleep, he had no idea what he’d just done.

When Josh woke up late the next morning, he looked at his phone saw the time, and
had expected to smell lunch considering it was 12:30 P.M.. He walked downstairs,
already having forgotten his anger last night. He walked into the living room expecting
to see his mom on the couch like always, she was no where to be seen. He went to the
garage and saw both his parents cars, but no parents. His cell phone went off, and it
was one of his friends Andrew, he called in a panic. He couldn’t comprehend what his
friend was saying because of how upset he was, so Josh told him to come over. When
Andrew got there Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He said his parents had
vanished, he went to his grandparents, same thing. He called everyone else in their
group, and no one knew where their parents were. He asked Josh if he knew anything.
With a look of shock on his face Josh was mumbling to himself, it can’t be, no way!
Andrew asked what he was saying, and Josh told him about his wish. Confused and
upset, Andrew couldn’t believe. Josh called the rest of his friends and got them all over
to his house to talk. Everyone seemed to be upset except Josh. He said with a smile
on his face, guys this is awesome think about what we can do now. We don’t have to
ask for anything, we can do whatever we want. Andrew stood up and yelled this isn’t
right, there our parents, we have to find a way to get them back. Josh told him to calm
down, and that this would all be ok. Tired of arguing Andrew decided to go with it for a
while. Josh told everyone to start calling kids from their school, he said tonight were
going to have fun. That night, everyone that wasn’t to upset to go out was at Josh’s
house, he couldn’t believe the turnout. That night was the best night of Josh’s life, he
did whatever he wanted without any consequences. Life went on like this for the next
couple of months, parties every night, sleeping everyday all day, whatever they
needed they just got free from the super store around the corner. Then things started
to go bad.

Even though Josh was still having a great time, people were really starting to miss
their parents, and when people found out that it was Josh’s fault they were gone, there
was trouble. It started with nasty comments when he saw people on the street, then it
escalated to bricks through windows, and threatening phone calls. Josh was starting to
get scared, he tried to carry on with the life he was living, but it was getting exhausting.
He lived in fear for a long time, until the day he got jumped by a large group of kids
from school. He came home bloodied and bruised, and didn’t know what to do. This
was usually when his mom would comfort him, and give him advice, but she wasn’t
there, and Josh was sad and alone. He didn’t leave his house for a very long time, and
by this time he was almost eighteen. When Josh got to as low as he could possibly get,
Andrew came into his house to check on him. Josh was happy to see his best friend,
but afraid that he would be mad. Andrew was surprisingly calm, he said he realized
that it wasn’t all Josh’s fault, and that everyone had wished there parents gone before,
Josh was the only one who’s wish came true. Andrew wished Josh a happy birthday,
and Josh realized it was his birthday, he had forgotten in his sadness. Andrew lit a
match and told Josh to blow it out and make a wish. Josh blew it out and made a wish
under his breath, and he began to cry. Josh went to bed with tears drying in the
corners of his eyes, at the memories of his parents.

Josh woke up late that next morning, and smelled his favorite lunch, macaroni being
prepared. He thought he heard his moms voice, but he knew it couldn’t be. He walked
downstairs and to his surprise saw his mom. He sprinted and picked her up and
cheered with joy that she was home. She looked at him and said oh I see your not still
mad that you couldn’t go the concert. He looked rather confused and said your back!
She said from the store? Yes, I had to get food to prepare lunch, again he was
confused. She asked him how it felt to be seventeen? He realized that his wish didn’t
just bring back his parents, the entire year without them had never happened. Josh
said it’s great, and he wouldn’t want to change a thing. He sat down and had the best
lunch of his life with his mom.

Story #37: Babysitting Wonders

Babysitting Wonders

Throughout the years Mr. and Mrs. O’Donnell would have Flanner Crockway babysit
for them when they were busy or wanted to get away. They had come to trust Flanner
very much and would let him babysit their daughter, Niquita Pu, at their house alone.
They had a system and it was pretty simple with everyone being happy. Flanner would
watch Pu for 8 hours usually, and get paid twenty-five dollars an hour. Although
Flanner usually spent the money on gas and video games he did save up quite a
chunk of cash. Flanner had been babysitting for the O'Donnells for several years and
never broke their trust. Not yet anyways.

Flanner was now a sophomore in high school with a license and loving life. He was
still working for the O’Donnells a lot, even more now that they have another child to
watch. So it was just like any other day that Flanner had watching Pu until it was her
nap time and he put her to sleep in her room. After she was in bed he went back into
the living room, where he played on his x-box while she slept, and sat down on the
couch. Suddenly he got up when he heard a very loud banging on the door. Flanner
ran to answer the door and was greeted by none other than Ticholas Tildt, his friend
who would come over occasionally and play x-box with him, because he wanted to go
to the mall and find some girls to try and hit on. Flanner wouldn’t go because he was
watching Pu, and so they stayed there and were messing around. They were just
talking at first and then started playing arms and CRACK!

The O’Donnell family portrait had fallen off the wall and broke into several pieces.
Flanner was about to pass out because he was so scared and worried of how they
would react. Ticholas tried to calm him down and looked at the mess closer to realize
it could be fixed. They grabbed the tape and glue and went to work until they saw it.
There was a folder that was between the frame and the picture that blended in so
they didn’t see it. opening the folder ever so carefully they decided to find out what
was in it. Inside they pulled out another folder, and another inside of it, but in that third
folder there was an envelope. After about 8 more envelopes and little pouches there
they found what was to be hidden. It was a flash-drive that could have anything in the
world on it and Flanner and Ticholas wanted to know what it was. Luckily Flanner had
his laptop and they opened up the flash-drive with full intensions on finding something
that would change their lives forever, and it would.

The name of the flash-drive file was just a bunch of random letters, numbers, and
symbols. Ticholas stopped him and told him to think about what he was doing. If he
found something out about the O’Donnells you will never be able to see them the same
way. Flanner didn’t care and clicked on the file. On that file they found some of the
greatest things in the world. These files were even outlawed in some areas for being
too awesome and better than everything else. So they copied the files to their flashdrives
and replaced the portrait. It looked more like the Adam’s Family portrait but they
didn’t care right now.

Ticholas and Flanner’s problem was that they couldn’t decide how to transport the
files after they moved them onto their flash-drives. They were in-fact illegal in their
town, but they wanted them tremendously. Flanner finally decided that he didn’t care
he put them on his school laptop and went crazy. The next week they were called to
the office and carried out of the school by some abusive federal agents. Never again
were they seen, although they were heard of a long time later when the flash-drive was
found again and they had a letter placed on it along with the files. Pu knew that this
was not good and she hid the flash-drive where nobody would ever find it, or so she

Story #36: The Great War

The Great War

Franky the squirrel had been at war his entire life. The Great Squirrel and Porcupine
war raged on for many years. The animals were at war over who got to control the land.
It was a war that was handed down to them from man generations.

Franky could not walk through the timber without the fear of being ambushed by a
group of porcupines. The porcupines were brutal attackers. They launched all of their
quills at the one target. Franky’s biggest fear when walking through the timber was
running in to his rival Jimmy. Jimmy and Franky had grown up hating each other there
entire lives because Jimmy’s dad killed Franky’s dad. Franky wanted his revenge.

Franky and his friends were walking around the timber patrolling for porcupines
when his best friend fell over and there was a quill sticking out of his chest. Franky and
the rest of his friends scurried behind a tree trying to realize what just happened. They
were scanning the ground for porcupines but they could not see any when another quill
was shot in front of their feet.

Franky’s friends all ran away but Franky was still searching for the porcupine. Quills
kept being launched at random and Franky still couldn’t see anything. Then suddenly it
hit him. They weren’t on the ground, they were in the trees. He yelled frantically for
more squirrels to come help him when he heard a laugh that was all to familiar, it was

Jimmy jumped out of a tree that was 20 yards away from him. Jimmy was slowly
waddling towards Franky. Franky’s heart was beating so hard he could hear it. He did
not know if it was fear or anger that had him excited. Jimmy tried to feel for his acorn
ammo. He didn’t want to look away from Jimmy for even a second. His hand had finally
found the ammo when Jimmy launched a quill two inches above Franky’s head.

Franky took the ammo and fired insanely at Jimmy but couldn’t calm down enough
to be accurate. Jimmy was still waddling towards him, now about 10 yards away.
Franky kept firing frantically. Jimmy shot two more quills to the sides of Franky. He was
teasing his prey. He was now within five yards. Franky began to panic even more. He
was running out of ammo. Then he realized if he did not calm down that Jimmy would
kill him. Franky breathed deeply and fired his last three shots with his eyes closed. He
opened his eyes and Jimmy was still walking. He had missed.

Jimmy got a foot away from him and laughed menacingly. Jimmy was preparing to
launch all of his quills. Franky realized that he had only one chance. He grabbed the
quill Jimmy had shot above his head and yanked it out of the tree. Jimmy looked
surprised and scared. Franky drove the quill through Jimmy. Jimmy had finally been

Franky rushed over to his best friend who was still laying there with a quill in his
chest. He was dead. Franky pulled the quill out and threw it aside. He picked up his
best friends body and carried it back to the squirrel territory. He was praised as a hero
for killing Jimmy but he did not care. It was unsatisfactory because he lost his best
friend, and the war would still go on.

Story #35: Prom Queen

Prom Queen

Four Teens. One survivor. The year 2010, March 27.

That’s me. Faith. I’m seventeen and have been traumatized for exactly one year now. I
used to go to Nixon High School in Richmond, Illinois. I was living the great teenage
life. I had expensive clothes, a ton of friends, a boyfriend, great car, wonderful parents,
and a blackberry. You could say I was rich. Cause I was. I was captain for the
volleyball, basketball, and softball team. I was number one in my class academically,
physically, and in popularity. I was dating Justin, the quarterback of the football team.
He was captain for basketball and baseball. Life was perfect.

It was a week before prom. Justin had just formally asked me to be his queen at
prom. I was as happy as could be. A couple girlfriends and I had plans to go to Prom
court in the mall to get high rated prom dresses. I was super excited! I had two dresses
picked out to try on. Each were about $400 which was cheaper than last years dress.
My dress last year was $930. It was a beautiful rosy satin color. Looked phenomenal
on me. Of course. My dress I got for this year is a 2010 special edition Primavera
Golden sequin v-neck. It was the best $1300 dollars I’ve ever spent!

“I thought you had two dresses, each $400, picked out! What’s this golden globe your
wearing that was more than last years?” shouted my father. “Daddy, it looked way
better on me than the other two I had picked out!” I replied. “It did, sir” chimed Kristy,
my bff. We’ve been friends for years! We do everything together!

“Anyways, daddy, Justin and Brent are going to a party with his cousin. Can me and
Kristy go?” I sweetly asked my father.

“Be home by one, okay?” sighed my father.

“Yes, promise!” I assured my father as I quickly kissed him on the cheek. Then up
Kristy and I went to my room. We ran up those stairs faster than cheetahs.

“I can’t wait for tonight!” Kristy yelled. “I know right?” I giggled back. We tore my closet
apart looking for the cutest of the cutest outfits.

“Do you think you and Brent are going to hook up?” I asked Kristy.

“Psh, girl, that’s like asking me if you and Justin are going to win the spotlight dance
again!” chuckled Kristy. We giggled and shrieked like hooligans for a couple of minutes.
Then we heard the BEEP BEEP of Justin’s mustang and down the stairs we went

Just as I was about to shut the front door, my father called me. I rushed to the living
room where my baby brother was playing his stupid video game and my mom was on
facebook and tweeting everyone she knew. My father, who was on the internet looking
at business stuff told me to be careful and make good choices. I smiled and nodded
my head like a sweet innocent princess I am. That’s when he cleared his throat. I knew
exactly what he meant. I gave my mom a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “Love
you mom!”. Then I rubbed my brother’s head and barked, “Don’t stay up too late sport”,
just like my father use to always tell me when I was younger. Then my father hugged
me and kissed my forehead. He smiled and sweetly spoke, “Please sport, be careful.” I
smiled and promised him I would be. Too bad actions speak louder than words..

“I got the mo-o-o-o-oves like jagger!” belted the guys, Kristy and I. We got to a set of
train tracks and this old creepy barn and Brent asked where we were. Justin just stated
that we were just outside of the town. Four miles go by and Brent remarked, “Just
outside of town, eh?” Justin snarled, “It’s right around this corner!”

“Justin!” I snapped. “What, he’s not the driver, is he?” Justin snapped back. If there was one downfall to Justin, it was his temper. Another three miles go by and that’s when we all agreed we were lost.

“Great, just flipping great!” screamed Justin. “It’s alright, just keep driving, we’ll find
some town” Kristy said assuringly. Of course Justin just cocked his head back,
grabbed my hand and murmured, “We’ll get to the party, I promise.” Yea, just like I
promised my father. “I know” I replied with a fake smile, but he bought it. Another thirty
minutes go by and Kristy and Brent are making out. Justin and I are talking about my
prom dress. Then he looked at me funny and I asked, “What?” all cute like. He smiled
and shook his head, “Nothing”. Hello, I’m not stupid. I know what the smile was for. I
was right, he put his hand on my thigh. I pulled it off and added, “Justin, you know I’m
not like that. Plus, you’re driving.” “Babe, I know, I would never risk your life” he implied.
That’s when we heard the honking. I screamed. Kristy was screaming. Justin was
yelling and Brent was hollering “No, no, no!”. CRASH! CLANK! SNAP! RIP!

“Hello, hello? Anyone out here?” I heard a man yell. I opened my eyes further,
bushes. A lot of bushes. I couldn’t feel my legs, but I managed to stand up. A man
rushed by me and carried me to flashing lights. I closed my eyes.
When I woke up, I saw my dad, mom, brother, and the man that carried me. I asked
my dad what had happened. “You guys crashed, some drunk idiot hit you.” he angrily
snapped. “But Justin had just clicked your seatbelt off as the crash happened. Thank
God, it saved your life getting ejected into the bushes.” he exclaimed. “Where’s Justin?”
I yelled as I forced myself to sit up. Ow. My back hurt like a son of a bee. “Kristy?
Brent?” I tearfully asked. My mom crying said, “Kristy and Brent didn’t make it but
Justin is barely hanging in there. He wants to see you.” “Take me to him!” I yelled. I
was rolled into a hospital room where the only light was by a bed. There were IV’s and
buckets, glasses, books, but no chairs. Nobody was here for Justin, but me. I was
rolled right beside him. I grabbed his hand. He didn’t look at me. I whispered, “Justin”.
He mumbled, “Faith?” I wiped a tear from my eye, “yes”. The doctor whispered in my
ear, “He can’t see you, or feel you, or anything. He can hear you, but that’s it. He’s
paralyzed from head to foot. They turned his head to me, he was crying. His face,
bruised more purple than the flowers he got me for my birthday. But his eyes, those
bright green eyes stood out in his dark butchered face. He forced the words, “I love
you” right as blood started to drain from his mouth. I asked the doctor to help me up. I
had to sit on his bed with him because I couldn’t stand. I didn’t care. I leaned over and
kissed him on his cheek and told him, “Though you can’t feel the kiss I left you, know
that it’s there. I love you more than words can say, more than light the moon or sun
could ever shine, each and everyday. I love you. Sleep peacefully baby.” I sniffled and
looked at him. Tears streamed down his face. I heard a “Me too” and he started to
attempt to cough, but all that happened was more blood came clumping out of his
mouth. I wiped his tears and looked him in the eyes. I gently closed his eyes for him,
and that’s when the long, cold, killing high pitched beep came from the machine
standing there next to him. My father placed his hand on my shoulder and kissed the
back of my head.

Think of it, paralyzed from the waist down, lost the love of your life, best friend, and
your life. I get a lot of cards, balloons, emails, wall posts, and tweets. They were all
telling me to feel better and “Keep smiling, prom queen!” Truth is though, I didn’t want
it anymore. I gave the dress back and bout a plain black dress. I got black shoes and a
black hat. I rocked that plain jane dress at the funeral for my best friend, her love, and
my love. I cried in that dress, I slept in that dress, and I burned that dress. I burned my
outfit from that night. I buried all of the pictures of Justin and I with Justin in that casket,
all but one.

The first picture we took together, ever. When he surprised me with purple flowers,
prom invitation, and a poem he wrote, “I love you more than words can say, more than
the light the moon or sun could ever shine, each and everyday. I love you.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story #34: Short Story

Short Story

Sweating. Panting. Worried for the challenges that are about to come. He jumps up
into the huddle and then stumbles his way through a tunnel of familiars slowly. . .
slowly breaking down. 24 hours earlier.

“Biggest game of our life tomorrow guys! We have to give maximum effor. . . know
you all can do. . .” Kenny drifted off to wondering why at this specific time, the
descending sky line made it appear as if the gym had been swallowed by a tsunami
like wave. Kenny had ADD. He tried appearing as if he was listening to coach ramble
on about our “Most important game yet,” speech. He scanned the faces of his allies;
Devoted, devoted, picking his nose, not caring, devoted. He wondered where he fell
upon these examinations.

Kenny drove home recklessly, not for any reason in particular, just because he felt
invincible. Upon arriving at home, his mother met him at the door with a list of chores
that Kenny had no intention of completing. He reclined in his garage sale bought,
raunchy o’l recliner that for some reason he loved so much. Deep down it reminded
him of his lost childhood days, watching his father relax in his recliner after a long day
of work. Sleep fell on Kenny so fast that he couldn’t even react. He was asleep.
Waking up to the beckoning noise of his God-for-Saking alarm clock, Kenny rolled
over in bed. After much reasoning with himself, he decided on five more minutes and
closed his eyes. When he opened them again it was 8:45 and he didn’t even care.
Kenny got up and went through his routine with zero amount of hustle. Ha, that word.
“Hustle”. A word that was yelled at him repeatedly but yet still meant nothing to him.
Arriving at school, completely missing 1st period and late to 2nd, he dropped his
bags on a table and went back to sleep. Being awakened by the bell, he drug himself
through the halls to his next class and through the rest of the school day. Kenny had to
return to this prison which common people referred to as school earlier than intended
for the big game that night. On the surface he was cool and collected, but really
freaked out on the inside.

He went home, ate, and drove right back up to the school to warm up. All of his
teammates were already up there, Kenny was the last to arrive. All he did was shoot
lifelessly, dreading the moment for when that starting whistle is blown. 10 minutes till
game time.

“1. 2. 3... Cardinals!” The team chanted as the began to run off into the crowded
gym. Kenny stumbled his way through a crowd of familiars, every other smacking his
back saying some sort of encouragement. The starting five seated themselves upon
the bench. The rest of the team formed a run way to bump chests or do a handshake
when there name was called. One by one Kenny’s teammates ran off, and when it was
time for Kenny, everything went black. . .

Story #33: The Tragic Plane Crash That Ended WIth Friendship(:

The Tragic Plane Crash That Ended WIth Friendship(:

It all started with a tragic plane crash during an awful thunderstorm that killed a
young girls parents!!! After this happened the girl had to then ride a plane to go identify
her parent’s bodies! This girl was so frightened, I mean what person wants to get on a
plane to go identify bodies after their parents had just died from a plane crash. The
worst part was she had to book her own flight and ride all by herself on the plane and
she was just so heartbroken it was awful.

Luckily a young boy about the same age as her was also riding on the plane by
himself and he had noticed how sad and miserable she looked as he was getting on so
he politely asked the flight attendant if he could move to the empty seat next to her.
The flight attendant agreed and he put his stuff in the overhead compartment. The
young girl just glanced at him and smiled out pure kindness but on the inside was
burning with sadness and it took all the strength she had to smile at him. He looked
down at her and started talking, asking why she was on the plane and how come she
looked so sad. She then told him the whole story and fell into this strangers arms, she
had no clue who this boy was but she just needed someone to hug, hold, and to
comfort her! The young boy was so surprised by this action but accepted it and hugged
her right back trying to calm her down he had no clue what to say, he had never been
through any situation that was near as bad as this. He felt so bad because he was on
this plane going to visit his grandparents for the Holidays and she had just lost the last
part of family she had, she was not close with any of her other relatives they had lots of
family problems.

After the boy realized that this young girl had literally no one left in her life and that
she was going to identify her dead parents bodies all by herself he offered to go with
her and he would just tell his grandparents that he was going to be a little late on
getting to their house. The girl was very surprised by what he had just said, but
accepted his offer because she just wanted to be with someone even if he was a
complete stranger. After he went with her, he invited her to go to his grandparents with
him and then they became very good friends and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!(:

Story #32: Playground


Three hours of pure agony. Three hours of thinking. Three hours of waiting. And
Finally the teacher said, “Alright everyone its recess time!” I couldn’t have been any
happier. I rushed to the cubby hole, grabbed my jacket, and ran to the door as fast as I
could. I was jumping up and down in line, trying to contain my excitement. Today was
the day. I was going to impress Lilly. Lilly was so cool. She has already lost six teeth
and her favorite t.v. show is Spongebob Squarepants. Its love. Today I was going to
make it all the way down and back across the triangular monkey bars. No boy in the
first grade could do it, and I was about to be the first. When I got to the play ground I
told everyone that I was going to complete the impossible. Everyone gathered around
to cheer me on. Then out of nowhere comes Denny Wilson. Denny was the biggest kid
in our grade and he liked Lilly too. I couldn’t let him stop me. I marched right up to the
monkey bars, but he walked right past me and pushed me over. I didn’t want to cause
a scene so I let him go first. Denny grabbed the first triangle hanging by a chain,
swung his body, then pushed off with his feet. He made it to the second one with ease,
but it took him a couple swings to get to the third one. Once he was there he hung on
for a long time. He was starting to sweat and his hands were turning white. He
desperately reached for the fourth triangle, but let go too soon and fell to his feet on
the rocks. He stood up and brushed himself off, kicked the rocks around, then said,
“Your turn”.

I was so nervous. My chest was pounding, and my head had a pulse. It was too late
to back out now. I puffed out my chest, clinched my fist and marched up to the ladder
like David marching up to Goliath. I put one foot on the highest part of the ladder, and
reached my hand out for the chilly metal triangle. Once I started to swing my weight, I
just kept going. I couldn’t believe it, it was actually all easy. Everyone was cheering
and egging me on. I reached the end and stood on the ladder to rest for just s second.
Then off I went! I had so much adrenaline running through my body that I wasn’t even
tired. And then just when It seemed as though I could taste victory, my dreams came
to a halting stop like a car with a brick wall thrown in front of it. Denny Wilson had
pulled on my feet and I fell hard to the ground. The thud took my breath away, and I
fought the tears as I stood up. I couldn’t be caught crying in front of the love of my life.
Everyone gasped, but then went back to playing once they realized I was ok. I sat
down on the bench and wiped my nose, facing the udder defeat that hit me in the face
all so fast. Then, a very familiar face sat down beside me and grabbed my hand. “Your
hand is cut up, would you like me to walk you to the nurse’s office for a bandage?”
asked Lilly. I nodded yes with a big smile and followed her. My pain was gone, I wasn’t
sad anymore, and I was holding hands with a sweet babe.

Story #31: Summer Day

Summer Day

I looked out my open window, I could feel the cold breeze on my bare skin, It was a
summer night. I saw the lightening bugs dancing with one another, The sun was going
down and the sky around it was a reddish yellow with pink bordering around it. It was
beautiful, I love summer nights. They are gorgeous and you can just sit and watch with
no irritation of it being to cold or to hot. A gust of wind flew into my window and blew
my long blonde hair back, it stung my eyes for a second goose bumps crept up my
arms. I smiled, this was what summer nights are all about. Cool breeze, by a hot fire,
talking with a bunch of friends, Giggling about boys and secrets we had kept hidden
from class mates and family members. I thought a lot when the sun went down, it gave
me some peace and quiet the crickets just a melody in the back ground. I could sit and
stare out this window for eternity just thinking replaying the melody and sunset over
and over again. That was just a dream though, I looked at my clock eleven o’clock at
night. The sun had already set and I had just been staring out at the stars. I sat down
into the window and let one of my feet hang out. I sighed, this was going to be over
soon and it would just be another memory until winter was over. I hated winter, so cold
and dry. Nothing to do outside, nothing to look forward too but the coldness of the air
around you. Snow was a plus but that only lasts so long, I prefer shorts over jeans,
tank tops over sweaters, and barefoot other then snow boots. I better lay down, I
thought to myself I was getting a little bit drowsy, I had a long day ahead of me
tomorrow and better get some beauty sleep. I put my hair up in a pony tail and put on
my sweats and tank top.

“Night!” I yelled down the stairs of my house, I waited there for a response, of course
no response. Mom was probably busy finishing up work and dad was probably passed
out on the couch from a long day of work. Nothing new, I walked to my room and
slipped into my bed, Covered myself up with my sheets and drifted off into a deep

“Beep. Beep. Beep” Went my alarm clock. I slammed my hand down hard onto the
button that disabled the annoying alarm and dropped my head down onto the pillow.
sighing I lifted my head back up and looked out into my window. It was the crack of
dawn, I had forgotten to turn off my alarm!

“I hate my life.” I said and smashed my head onto my pillow and stared blankly at
my wall, My parents were already gone to their jobs and I was home alone. What am I
going to do now? I thought to myself. I got up and slowly walked out of my room and
crept down the stairs. To speed things up a notch I looked at myself in the mirror yada
yada yada took a shower, brushed my teeth, blow dried my hair, it only took an hour!
Put on make up, clothes and was out the door! I’ll slow it down for you now.
I felt the green sharp grass on my feet, we hadn’t taken care of our lawn lately and it
was dry, poor grass it looked famished just waiting for a cold drink of water. I looked
out into the distance and saw something black, I started walking towards it.

“What the?” I said but before I could finish it a green hand broke threw the bag and
grabbed my ankle I screamed bloody murder, and started kicking my leg I flared
around a bit but the zombie looking hand wouldn’t let go I shot up and started kicking
the bag flew up and down up and down but still wouldn’t let go of me. I kept at this for
at least fifteen minutes and finally gave up.

“Let me go!” I said, “Please.” I was freaked out of my mind. “This is just a dream.” I
whispered to myself “It’s just a dream.” I pinched myself but nothing happened, The
hand started to move, feeling up my leg, my goosebumps were going bazerk. I started
breathing heavily what was I going to do!? I thought to myself panicking suddenly the
hand stopped, it fell to the ground, I shuffled my feet away from the monstrous hand
and got out of range. I watched it twitch then start moving around, I stayed quiet and
then it started opening up the bag. The second that bag had another hand emerging
from it I was out of there like a bolt of lightening. I didn’t know what to think what to
expect. Some bag was giving birth to a zombie baby looking thing that could kill me at
any second, or worse, torture. I got to my house door and slammed it shut. I had a
slight fear that I had peed my shorts but to my amazement I hadn’t a sigh of relief the
last thing I wanted to happen. I looked out the peep hole to my door and saw a little
baby creature like thing waddling towards me. It looked kind of cute in a creepy,
unnatural kind of way. It started crawling, then stood up, fell down, then stood up again.
It made me giggle this little monstrous thing wasn’t going to harm me. It could barely
stand up!

It didn’t take me long to find a baseball bat and decide that I was going to go out
there. What took me the longest was actually getting the courage to open the door. I
unlocked the lock and slowly turned the nob. By this time the baby monster that I
named Izzy was just outside the door. I cautiously opened the door and looked down
to see the cutest little one eyed, slimed covered creature sitting on my front step, it
giggle and a bubble flew out of it’s mouth. If anyone would have seen the puzzled but
stunned face they would have brought them tears of laughing so much. But all of a
sudden the world started spinning, and the earth started shaking. I gripped onto my
baseball bat ready to fight when all of a sudden hands crept out of the earths ground
and shot up like a rocket using cocaine fuel. I was speechless as the hands started
changing direction and shot downwards towards me, I ran into my house and ducked
under my hands, After all of the shaking being done half of my house was en gulped
with flames and mostly ruble the baby was gone with the hands. I was speechless,
how was I going to explain to mom and dad what had just went on here, What
happened with the baby, Who’s hands were those!? And most importantly how much
longer did I have to live with mom and dad getting home. All of a sudden I heard

“Are you kidding me?” I Screeched then all of a sudden I hit my head hard on the
shelf just above my bed. I looked around amazed at how dumb and what a relief this
was, I sprinted down the stairs seeing my nice clean house all in one piece I looked at
myself in the mirror a dirty grease ball appeared back at me with a grin as big as ever.

“It was just a dream.” I whispered, “Just a dream.”

Story #30: Oh No! Not the Signature Collectable Hunger Games Novel! Use the Text Book Instead!

But "Mrs. Morman" decided to title it: 
Oh No! Not the Signature Collectable Hunger Games Novel! Use the Text Book Instead!

There once was a guy named Allen he was a somewhat of a class clown. One day
Allen fell and hit his head really hard because he was acting like a gorilla during the
middle of our english class. Well I guess he didn’t really fall. How about I just tell you
the story from the beginning.

It was a cold January day, the twenty-second to be exact. Everyone at Erie High
School had just gotten done eating the best lunch in the history of all lunches. It was
Bosco stick day! Anyway Allen was on his way to english class like he always does
running in the halls, flirting with all the girls, and making all kinds of weird noises but
this is the usual for Allen.

Everything was still all find and dandy nothing had happened until the middle of
english class. Mrs. Morman was talking about this silly short story paper that we have
to write for her english class that was going to be due in a few days. In the middle of
her talking, Allen decides to get up and starts acting like a gorilla. This was probably
the biggest mistake of his life. Before Allen knew it, he was knocked out on the floor
and was showing no intention of waking up.

Who knocked him out you might ask? Well let me tell you about a girl named Larry.
Yes her name is really Larry. Anyway Larry was just a normal, straight A, never done
anything wrong in her life student. She was a little bit on the shy side. What Allen didn’t
know is that Larry is extremely afraid of gorillas. So when Allen stood up and started
acting like a gorilla Larry went into full blown attack mode. She grabbed Mrs. Morman’s
signature collectable Hunger Games one of a kind novel and frankly beat the living
crap out of Allen.

Some of you may say that well Allen didn’t deserve this, he didn’t deserve to have
the crap beaten out of him by a fifteen year old girl. That might be all of your opinions
but in my opinion getting kissed on the forehead every-time I sit down, gets a little
weird if I do say so myself. In my book Allen had it coming and Larry just did all the
dirty work for me. If your wondering about how Allen is, well he suffered a concussion
and was laid up in the hospital for about a month but now Allen is alive and better than
ever. He made a full recovery and to be honest it was weird not having his goof ball
self around. Even if he does sometimes annoy the living crap out of you. The End.

Story #29: A Deadly Deal

A Deadly Deal

Everyone dreams of living the popular life. Being the “big deal” of high school. This
is what Brian thought, but little did he know that beauty, is pain.

Brian was a typical sixteen year old boy: acne, uncomfortable with his body, and
weird. He didn’t have many friends besides the other guys known as the “creeps” of
Crenshaw Heights. Brian always dreamed of having a girlfriend, someone like Cassie,
a beautiful brunette, who was perfect, looks and all. He always tried to talk to her, but
like usual girls, they look at him disgusted and walk away laughing with their friends.
Rejection was getting ridiculous, Brian thought. All he wanted was to be attractive,
popular... Soon enough his dreams were to come true.

There was a strange woman was in the elevator, with Brian one day. She had
spirally curled, grey hair with bright pink lipstick. Her makeup wasn’t really that bad,
other than those annoyingly pink lips. She had a soft, calm, loving voice like one off
those science videos, that make you just want to curl up and sleep. She looked at
Brian like she knew his whole life story. It seemed as though she knew exactly what he
was thinking and feeling. Brian just wanted to get out of the elevator, the lady totally
creeped him out.

Finally, the silence broke and she softly spoke, “Brian, don’t be scared. I’m here to
help you out, make you popular.”

Brian, alarmed, went into a corner of the elevator and asked, “How do you know my

“Brian, darling, I’m your guardian. I’ve noticed you’ve been struggling with looks and
fame, but sweetie, that’s all about to change. If you want it to.”

Brian couldn’t believe it. She did know exactly what he was feeling and thinking. He
wanted to say, “yes! of course”, but just couldn’t. How could a guy who never talked to
anyone, make a deal like that? Well wait, exactly. What did he have to lose? He had
hardly any friends, his family ignored him, and lets face it he was boring. So biting his
tongue, he nodded his head.

“Great. Now, just promise me this: you’ll complain of nothing. You won’t beg or cry
for anything else. Promise this and I’ll make you beautiful.”

“....I promise.” assured Brian.

A week later, no changes happened. Brian never saw the strange woman again,
and life went on.

At first he thought it was fake, some kid from his school playing a prank. But when
he looked in the mirror, there were no pimples, scars, or double chin. His body was
slim, he had muscles and an attractive face. He couldn’t believe it. The strange lady
was right! He couldn’t wait to go to school and talk to Cassie. He got to school and
there were a lot of stares, especially from girls. He enjoyed the attention he received
but was on one mission. One mission only: talk to Cassie. He was walking toward her
when she started to walk toward him.

She smiled and questioned, “How could someone like you, look like this? In one
week? I don’t buy it for a second.”

The smile on Brian’s face quickly faded. “I swear to you Cassie, it’s me, Brian. I
changed my whole life for a girl like you to notice me” he begged.

She giggled, “Oh, people notice alright.” Then she and her friends walked away
laughing. Brian wondered why people were laughing. He couldn’t figure it out. He
wanted to see the strange lady again to figure out why people laughed. Then he saw..

Everything he touched turned to ash, but himself. He touched books, poof! Ash.
Then by mistake, he accidentally bumped into a girl, he put his hand on her to
apologize and whoosh! Ash. Now he realized that everything wasn’t as great as it
seemed. He wanted to look good, he was selfish. Now he couldn’t fit the pieces
together. His old personality and new looks were enemies. It’s too late though he
realized, he started to get teary eyed. He remembered what she said to him, “...You’ll
complain of nothing, you won’t beg or cry for anything else...”

Finally the dots connected. He made a deal with the devil. Irreversible. His life was
gone, no going back. He realized beauty wasn’t everything. He realized he actually
had things to lose to lose, his family, his friends, himself. He couldn’t touch anything.
When you’re life turns to ash, the only thing you can do, is follow the path you started.
That’s exactly what he did. He joined the wood he threw into the fire.. he blended with
the ones he touched. No more would he hurt, no more would he complain, and no
more, would beauty be worth anything in the world.

Story #28: Fred the Toucan

Fred the Toucan
Fred the toucan, was a very simple bird. He liked Flying, cawing, pecking at stuff, and most importantly Cheerios. His love for all these things are what led 
to him being best friends with Bert the mouse. 

The story begins with Fred flying high above the jungle, looking for a place to rest. While Fred was flying around, Bert was scurrying away from a very fat, angry wild boar, named Henry. Henry was chasing Bert because he had been stealing Henry’s fruit from the watering hole. 

While events on the ground were taking place, Fred saw what was going on and being the toucan that he was, decided to go and help Bert. So Fred swooped down and snatched Bert up in his beak, but while doing so Henry had bit Fred in the leg. After dropping Bert off at his home, which was in a tree trunk, Fred decided to go to the local watering hole. He was here for one reason, to find Vernon the Crocodile, because he knew this was the one person who could take care of Henry.

In the days to come Bert and Fred had become close friends, Fred sometimes flew Bert around the jungle so Bert could find himself a new tree to make home in, since Henry was out to get him. Fred didn’t have to worry about Henry, he had bigger problems like Jerome the jaguar, who had once lived in Fred’s tree, had just gotten out of captivity and wanted his tree back. Fred had no idea what to do about Jerome since he already had Vernon taking care of Henry. 

One day Fred and Bert were flying around and had come across a plane that had wrecked in the jungles long ago, so Bert and Fred decided to search it. They came across this box full of round loop shaped things, so Bert took a nibble of one and loved it. So Fred decided to try one too and loved it, and there were hundreds of boxes on the plane. Bert and Fred didn’t know what they were but they had the word Cheerios on the front, so Fred and Bert decide to take three boxes home.

Later that day Jerome had come by the tree and requested to talk to Fred. Fred was reluctant to talk to Jerome, cause he thought he would for sure get eaten. Bert and Fred showed Jerome the cheerios and told him he could have a box if he let Fred have the tree. Jerome agreed to this deal, since everyone loves cheerios, and then he went to find his own tree. Little to Bert and Fred know that someone was watching them, and they knew that they had cheerios.

About a week or so later, Fred and Bert ran out of cheerios and went to get more, but when they got there, they were gone. Bert and Fred went home depressed and in the weeks to follow had sugar withdraws. Fred became bitter and eager to get cheerios and Bert had gotten lonely and sad without Fred to keep him company. Then one day when Bert was walking around town he saw Henry carrying a box of cheerios, he instantly knew that these weeks had been payback.

Bert waited and waited outside Henrys house for hours waiting to see where he hid the cheerios, then Bert noticed that Henry was no longer home, where had he gone? Bert looked all over then realized Henry didn’t leave the house above ground. So Bert went to work finding where the tunnel came out at. He found it about a mile or so away near the plane.

He found the stash of cheerios back at the plane, and went to town to get Vernon. So with Vernon behind Bert went to the plane and found Henry there eating the cheerios. Henry tried attacking Bert but Vernon slapped Henry with his tail, then ran him out of the jungle, Henry was never seen again. 

Bert had gone back to town to find Fred to tell him that he had found the cheerios, and when he did Fred didn’t believe it. Fred followed Bert back to the plane and when he saw the cheerios he couldn’t believe it. Fred apologized to Bert for being so mean the last few weeks and they went back to being friends, in fact they were now best friends.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Story #27: The Bag

The Bag

My name is John Smith. I’m at the airport. I’ve been here many times for business trips
and family vacations. That’s all gone now. I lost my job, and I am the only member of
my family left. I’m just looking for a good place to find work and earn enough money to
support myself. Although I haven’t ate in a day and a half, I suppose some airplane
peanuts are going to have to be enough until I can find something to eat that will
actually fulfill my hunger. I’m waiting for my flight to be called, when a person carrying
a briefcase that I have never seen before approaches me.

“John Smith.” the stranger said my name as if he were a close friend of mine.

“How do you know my name?” I asked the stranger.

“I’ve been looking for the perfect person for a favor I need done, and I know that you
are him.”

“Why would I do anything for a complete stranger? I don’t owe you anything.” I replied,
a slight bit annoyed. The stranger pulled out his briefcase and laid it in my lap. I
regarded it with curiosity, and I cautiously opened the case. Inside, I see piles of 100
dollar bills.

“Should this be enough to get you to do me a favor?” the stranger asked. I could
survive for years on that much money. Thinking about all the food and luxury I could
have from that money makes my mouth water.

“I’ll do your favor.” I reply.

“Good, good. Listen closely to what I’m saying. I need you to carry this onto the plane,
and put it in a secluded spot.” He pulls a duffel bag out of his overcoat that he is
wearing and hands it to me. I’m so awestruck over the money that I don’t think about
what could be in the bag. He turns and takes his leave, while I hear something on the

“Flight 92. Flight 92 report to the bridge.” I gather my things and get onto the plane. I
look around for my seat. D10... D10.... ahh, here it is. I sit down, no one next to me. I
prefer it that way anyways. I’ve always been a loner. Halfway through the flight, I fake
going to the bathroom to hide the bag. I return to my seat and don’t think twice about
what could be in the bag, not knowing what I had just done.

Months later
I remember how this all started. A couple freak stories on the news of people eating
people’s pets were first, then came the stories of cannibalism that were oh so frequent.
The cause is a virus that they can only assume was released by an airborne terrorist
attack, or so they say. I know what really happened, and I am the cause of this virus. I
think back about taking the offer and I curse myself for being so stupid. I’ve been
locked in my house for 5 days now. I can hear so many people knocking on my door
for refuge, only for them to be answered by silence. I watch through the door as they
are attacked by the virus carriers, and killed. I know that somehow I have not caught
the disease, or maybe I have the disease but I just don’t have the same symptoms.
Either way, I’m going to die in this house.

Day 6: When I woke up today, I noticed that there was a small duffel bag on my
counter. I went over to it and peeked inside, and found a strange vial of liquid and a
note. I picked up the note.

“This is the only cure for the virus. Do what you will with it.” Was it really the cure? If it
is, I wonder what I could do with it! I could sell it to make even more money! I could
drink it, then wait this out until it dies down, and then be the leader the rises from the
ashes of civilization! I could rule what world left there was, and I could have everything
I wanted. I think I’ll sleep on it, then decide what to do in the morning.

Day 7: I was barely able to get any sleep due to the screaming outside of my house,
and it shows. I walk over to the mirror and I have bags under my eyes, and I feel like I
just got run over by a bus. I look over and see the cure and the note. I take one look at
it, run over and drink it all in one gulp. I don’t feel any different, but I don’t know what I
was expecting. I hear someone outside trying to break into my house. They have a
shotgun and they are shooting repeatedly at the handle of the door. I try to hide, but it’s
no use, they made it in.

“Well well well, look what we have here!” the stranger says. He’s pointing the shotgun
at my head, and I can’t do much but to notice how bad it is outside when I see past him
into the doorway. Cars are burning, people are running around the street chasing other
people, a few people are lying on the ground, either dead or dying. I wish I hadn’t
taken that deal on the plane.

The stranger continues, “I’m from the house across the street from you. I’ve seen
people come up to your door and you just ignore them and let them die at the hands of
those things.”

I reply, “I had no choice, if I let them in, the things would get in as well.”
The stranger doesn’t seem very assured by my answer. He takes a deep breath then
cocks his gun.

“You are going to pay for letting those people die.” He pauses, then continues, “I will
kill you.” I close my eyes, ready to accept my fate. I hear a scream, and turn around. I
can’t believe what I am seeing. I see two people eating the stranger who was just
going to kill me. I scream, and they look up and leap on me. It’s all black after that.

Story #26: Regionals


“Everything you’ve been working for, every goal you set, game you won, all comes
down to this game. And I am trusting you ladies give it your all out there tonight,
because you know very well that you deserve it.” said our already intense coach.

We are all getting ourselves mentally prepared in the locker room while coach and
the three seniors give a pep talk to prepare everyone for the big game. We were
seated above Eastland, in the number one spot, and was not planning to step down
from that spot tonight. Because tonight was regionals and we were ready to take on
the Eastland Cougars.

With nerves and emotions high, we wait for the music to cue us onto the court. As
we all run around the court, I get a good look at the crowed. It was packed, to say the
least, which didn’t help with the nerves. As we get into our huddle, the crowd starts
cheering and we start praying. When the first six players step onto the court, blood is
pumping and hearts and minds are racing. Even I, who waited one rotation to go in,
could feel how tense it was in that gym. Once that whistle blows and you score a point,
it shatters all nerves left in your body and turn them into adrenaline.

The first game was a great victory for the Erie Cardinals. But that didn’t keep the
Cougars from stopping in their second match, they didn’t let up and pulled through with
a win. Tie game, which was decided with a third game that was always very intense.
As the game went on, back and forth, we started to get weary and tired. So our team,
dropped down in points and it looked like the Cougars had it in the bag for them.
Coach called a time out and got everybody re focused. The gym was so loud we could
barely hear ourselves think, but as me and five other girls stepped back onto the court,
we had to block all that noise out and play our game. Finally, we get the ball back and
we are ahead. Brooke has the last serve, this could win the game for us. The pressure
was very high on Brooke. But she pulled through and got an ace for the team. Erie
volleyball was deemed Regional campions of 2012! Come to find out, Eastland was
pretty sure of themselves and already made up “Eastland 2012 champion” shirts. It
was a good feeling knowing those couldn’t be put to use. The rage rushes the court
and everyone was on cloud nine. Some cried, yelled, smiled, but all felt utter
accomplishment. Small town Erie won and it was the best feeling in the world.

Story #25: Monday, November 10, 1946

Monday, November 10, 1946

Monday, November 10, 1946. Today is an ordinary day just like any other that would
occur during the week. But, little did LeAndre, aka Leon, know his life would be
changed forever. Lets back up and tell you more about LeAndre.

November 9. It was Sunday evening when Leon was out with his boys, Jerome and
Darrell. Darrell just got back from over seas where he was at war with Hitler and the
guys wanted to celebrate. Jerome was available but Leon’s kids were sick.

Fortunately his wife said he could go out, and she would stay home with them. Instead
of asking where Darrell where he would like to eat Jerome had planned out the whole
night for them. They started off the night by going to the best Chinese restaurant in all
of Brooklyn, “The Great Wall”. All the guys love Chinese and the restaurant had only
been open for two months and non of the guys had been there. Then they would stop
by “The Iron Dwarf” this was the best and well-known tavern in all of New York. They
were right on track, Everything was going well and best part of the meal came, a
fortune cookie. Everybody knows they they are true, they work. It’s not by luck, or
accident that you get the one you get. There are no accidents (Kung Fu Panda), it was
by fate that you were chosen to get it.

The guys never share what there fortunes are because it just causes for bad luck, but
all of them are superstitious and believe in them. Darrell opened his and it read, “A
good beginning is only half done.” and this was true, the night was only half over, and
the guys had much more fun to come. Jerome was next, his read, “A refreshing
change is in your future.” This is probably the best fortune he could use. Jerome was
going through a rough patch in his life having trouble with drugs and alcohol abuse.
Leon, this time in his life things are going great, he jus had his second child, and his
marriage was stronger than ever. When he got his message he was shocked, and
immediately looked up and thought, me? why me? "Your life is in danger. Say nothing
to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. You have 24 hours.
Repeat: say nothing. "

His whole life was flashing before his eyes, his mind was overflowing with thoughts,
and he didn’t know what to do. When they went to the tavern he had a few shots to
get it of his mind. One turned into two and two turned into three and before he knew it
he was waking up Monday morning with his two friends passed out next to him.
“What happened last night?” Leon whispered as he stood up and whipped his eyes. At
that moment he reached into his pocket for his wallet. When he pulled it out of his back
pocket he noticed something, a small white piece of paper. he didn’t think anything of it
and put his wallet back. He woke Jerome and Darrell up and asked,
“You guys remember anything from last night?”

“Nope”, said Jerome.

“Not a clue”, replied Darrell. Then it hit Leon, and he immediately bolted out the front
door. His wife was at work and his kids at school. The very first thing he did was
gather what was necessary, backpack with three water bottles, two extra change of
clothes, small survival kit, and a picture of his family. He also packed a suit case, this
bag had his valuables, not expensive things but rather sentimental things, along with a
jacket and other warm winter clothes. It was 3 o’clock, his kids would be home from
school soon and his wife would be getting home from work quickly too. He wanted to
be out before anyone was home, so he quickly wrote a letter and left in on the table.
He pulled his luggage to the side of the curb called a taxi and got dropped off at the
train station, he bought a ticket to the outskirts when he got there he looked to the right,
looked to the left, took a deep breath, and said “Show me the way”

Story #24: Endless Journey

Endless Journey 

I woke up normal, like I usually do, laying in bed and wishing I were still a sleep.  It never dawned on me that today was my last day on this planet.  When I finally got out of bed, I drove into town, everything was different.  No one was in sight at a 11:30 a.m. on a saturday.  I never thought to think that this was weird or anything, I just continued to go on with my day, until I saw it.  The biggest thing  had ever seen in my life, I still remember the first thought that came into my head, have they come to kill us? I asked over and over again in my head, as I headed toward this mysterious thing, it was like I was being pulled in.  I drove up to a parking lot directly underneath this magnificent yet frightening thing, I was being pulled in I figured when I looked down and was in the air an going up and up till my car was a spec,  when I went into this mysterious thing  I saw everyone I knew. Over and intercom I heard a very strange voice saying something about WWIII. I felt the ship like thing jerk back and forth, I found the nearest window and all I saw was nothing but endless explosion after explosion as what seemed like to be earth but in a distance now, Boom out of no were everything is black.  I wake up in confusion and I am scared, I still am scared, I have no idea where I am going or what happened to my home. 

Story #23: Untitled


Everyone has had those friends that you know you’ll never lose. These three girls
have been friends since junior high. They were inseparable. They did everything
together. Sometimes they got in trouble but what kids don’t? Also, they sometimes get
in situations you will never forget.

The three teens were driving down the road heading to the mall and listening to
103.7 radio station. It was around seven o'clock, and about to get dark. It was a
scorching summer, no wind, no rain, just hot weather that everyone hated. They were
singing and dancing in their seats having a great time. They drove for a little bit longer
and they reached their destination. They were all excited to be at the mall and ready to
shop. The three girls were shopping in the electronics department, listening to music
with the new headphones. The music was so loud they were yelling, trying to talk to
each other. They were laughing and having a good time. While they were still yelling,
the over-com came on and said the mall will be closing in five minutes, please finish up
your shopping.

The three continued to look around the store and left headed toward the bathroom.
When they were leaving the restroom, they noticed that it was really dark and quiet.
Like so quiet that you could hear a mouse scurry across the floor. They were in the
hallway between all the stores searching for anyone. They had no idea that the store
had closed. They were all wondering what was going on, so they decided to leave.
Little did they know that the doors were locked and could not get out. They looked at
each other and were thinking the same thing, the store is closed! We’re locked inside!
What are we going to do? One of the girls pulled out her phone, no service. Now what
were they going to do. They were stuck inside the mall with no phone, in the dark. The
other girl suggested, “Why don’t we make this a great trip and have some fun, why
can’t we just mess around in the mall and just wait for someone to come in the
morning?” The other two girls looked at each other and nodded their heads saying
“Okay! I guess we can do that.”

The three teens ended up having a great time in the mall by themselves. They ran
up and down the halls singing, dancing, and just trying on clothes. It was so different
being in the mall all by themselves. They loved it. They slept in the mattress store on
the new temper pedic mattresses. They had a hard time leaving those! In the morning,
the janitor came in and let them out. They were thrilled to leave, but in the back of their
heads they were thinking, that was the best day of our lives! Still to this day, the three
girls talk about their great adventure.


Story #22: Untitled


Fred closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and jumped…

Back in April, Fred was just a normal guy. He lived in a small town where everyone
knew everything, that’s just how he liked it. He was an above average student, starting
quarterback on the football team and did everything that was asked of him, till Noah.
Noah moved into town just before school started. No one knew much about him, they
knew he was from a big city and thats about it. So when school started Fred decided to
show him around the school and introduce him to some people. Noah was shy and
didn’t make many friends, he hung around Fred a lot and tried to fit in. Noah and Fred
hung out outside of school, after practice, and on the weekends. They did regular guy
things together. They went to the movies with girls and to different parties. Fred
learned things about Noah along the way. A bunch of different things, but there was
one thing that he learned that worried him, Noah was an adrenaline junkie.

One night after attending a huge party Noah and Fred walked out to the local bridge.
They had both been drinking that night and Noah wanted to show Fred what he used
to do for fun. Fred was unsure about Noah’s idea, he wasn’t sure it was safe or smart
but he went along anyway. Noah walked up to the edge of the bridge and looked down
at the water then back at Fred with warning eyes. Fred felt a shiver crawl up his spine
and he took a step back. Noah looked at him and said, “Come on, jump. Don’t be a
chicken.” Fred walked up the edge, he looked from Noah to the water and froze in

“I can’t”, Fred whispered, his voice shaking in fear, “I can’t”

“Yes you can”, Noah taunted from behind him. “Just close your eyes and jump,
you’re going to love it. Do you not trust me?” Fred took another step toward the edge
still looking a little uneasy about the idea. “Just jump”, Noah said again. Fred closed
his eyes, took a deep breath, and jumped. He felt his stomach jump to his throat and
he felt sick, but he also felt free as he plummeted toward the water. He was waiting for
the cold water to swallow him up but he felt like he just kept falling.

Finally hitting the water his toes touched the hard sand at the bottom of the river and
pushed up fast. He reached the surface of the water and tilted his head up just in time
to see Noah diving from the bridge, head first. He swam fast trying to evacuate the
area so him and Noah wouldn’t collide, he swam to the water’s edge and pulled
himself out of the frigid water. Fred thought to himself how cold it was, he didn’t pack a
spare change of clothes or a towel. He had a blanket in his car but what about Noah.

He saw Noah wading over to him looking possessed, he had a huge smile on his face
and he looked at me like he was high. “What did you think?” he asked Fred.

“That was interesting I guess. I’m never doing that again though.” Fred replied.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Story #21: My Biggest Life Lesson

My Biggest Life Lesson

Have you ever been caught shop lifting? Well I’m Jenelle and I’m going to tell you
my experience getting caught shop lifting.

I was ahh lets say about 12, when I spotted this really cool stuffed bear I wanted I
was with my parents and I asked them to buy it for me and they told me they didn’t
have couldn't buy it. The next four weeks after that I kept asking for this bear and they
kept telling me they couldn't buy it. I never could figure out why they wouldn’t buy it for

One Sunday afternoon on July 12 I went into that store that had that bear in it, I
brought in my big play purse so they wouldn’t think anything of it, and when they
weren’t look I hid that bear right in my play purse and started talking out. When all of
a sudden my arm gets grabbed by the owner of that little store. I knew I was in trouble
when I seen the look on her face. She told me to open up my purse, so I did.

Now little girl why would you steal from me, she said in a low voice.

Well miss I’ve been wanting this bear for five weeks now and my parents have been
telling me they don’t have enough money, I said and start to cry.

Sweetie, there is a reason why your parents can’t buy you this bear, it is not for sale,
this bear is my bear and it is the things that start this store, it this type of bear was the
first item I sold in this store, told the owner.

She did call my parents about what I have done. They came to the store as fast as
they could and instantly started yelling at me. The store own calmed them down and
told them every child makes mistakes and it was fine.

Finally, I realized why my parents wouldn’t buy me this bear. I told the lady I was
sorry and she told me she happened to have another bear just like it and she wanted
to give it to me. Even though I got grounded and couldn’t go anywhere the store
owner gave me the second bear she had and I also got a job there when I turned
sixteen. Now, you know all about my biggest life lesson.