Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story #14: Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

Stephanie was pacing back and forth the interrogation room waiting to be
questioned by the detectives. She was a mess after she found her boyfriend, John
dead this morning. After a while Detective Smith came in and began to question her.

“Tell me exactly what happened and don’t leave any details out.”

Stephanie ran her fingers through her hair then folded her arms on the table. Tears
ran down her face like a waterfall. It took a little bit for her to speak. “I was.. I’m sorry.”
She started to cry. “I was at a party last night and got a little drunk. John was sober so
he drove us home and stayed the night.” 

A few minutes passed with nothing but complete silence. “It, it was early this morning; I’m not sure what time. I woke up to a broken window and John’s body in the living room. Blood was everywhere, and.. and his head was cut off.” She took a minute then said, “I screamed. Whoever it was was
gone before I got up. That was when I called 911.” She gulped. “I don’t know why anyone would want to do this.” Her face was turning red.

“I promise we will find this person. I won’t let anyone get away with this.” Detective
Smith looked at her and grabbed her hands to reassure her and she believed him. The
Captain came in and Smith pulled his hands away.

“Stephanie, we need names of people in John’s life. Family, friends, anyone.”
He gave her a piece of paper and a clipboard and she took a couple minutes to write
down the names she could think of. The first name that came to mind was his alcoholic
father that he always hated. When she was finally done, she handed them the
clipboard. They told her she was allowed to leave.

She was almost to the door when Detective Smith came up right behind her. “Hey
Steph, do you want a ride home?”

“No thanks, I have a lot to do. Please do whatever it takes to catch this psychopath
please,” she said. Her voice was starting to break.

“I will, I promise, and please call me Justin.”

She agreed.

“Stephanie,” the Captain said, “stay with family or friends until this is all over with

Once again she agreed. He knew she got understood.

Stephanie took off. She was going to her friend Tessa’s house. When she finally got
to her friend’s house, she went inside. Tessa asked, “They still have no idea, huh?”

“Nope. It was a piece of cake. No one cheats on Stephanie Wilkins and gets away
with it.”

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