Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Story #5: Stranded


It all started when a very confused girl named Rebecca wakes up stranded on a island with know clue where she is. Devastated, her first thought like any normal person was, “What in the world happened last night!?”  Her second thought of course was to panic and naturally, like any other teenage girl she searched for her phone and began to cry. Unfortunately Rebecca only found her ipod and a few coins, but that wasn’t going to do her any good on an Island all alone. Finally, after hours of panicking and crying, she notices that she has no choice but to figure out how to survive on her own and starts making a fort that she could stay in. 

Walking around minding her own business, wondering if she is alone on this sketchy Island, Rebecca notices a girl that is abnormally identical to her! More surprised than ever, she decides she has to investigate! Rebecca starts to ask questions after questions, the girl doesn’t understand Rebecca so she takes her to a tribe where still nobody understands her. Rebecca starts to get frustrated because the foreign people can’t understand her, but then she realizes that she has her ipod and teaches the girl to communicate with her in English from the translation app she had on the ipod. Eventually, the girls learn to talk to one another and Rebecca asks her to bring her home. But then a gorilla named Sean comes out of no where and attacks Rebecca. Unfortunately Rebecca never got to go back home, but on the bright side Rebecca’s twin survived and taught her tribe how to speak English and lived happily ever after. 

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