Friday, February 1, 2013

Story #15: The Sneaky Game

The Sneaky Game 

One day, a very abnormal day in Erie, Il. five kids wanted to play a game. Jake, the more popular one of the five, came up with this game. He all ways wins because he has a very good strategy. The game is a mix between musical chairs and drinking.
Jake and the five other go to the park to play because no one is ever there and thats the best place to setup anyway.

Jake asks Jammi if he would want to explain the rules to the new kids.

Jammi said  “Yea sure Jake any thing for you.” 

So Jammi explained the rules: 1st rule was theres NO backing down. 2nd Is once the music stops you take a drink of the juice that is placed beside you. 3rd rule was you must drink the juice in order to move on. 4th once we complete the song, which is about four minuets long, the game is over and the last one standing wins.

All the new kids were a little scared and confused but they figured what the heck it can’t be bad. 

Jake said, “ Lets get this started”

All the glasses of juice were set in position and the music started. One thing that Jammi forgot to mention was that one of the glasses had poison in it. Well the game started and they were moving around in a circle like in musical chairs. the music stops they all take a drink besides Jake. He was using his strategy. Which was to look at the other kids faces and see there expressions. The one with a bad expression had the poison, which let Jake know where it was located and knows not to drink that one.

One of the kids said, “This is really fun!”

The music started playing again and once it stopped Jake landed on the glass with poison. He didn’t have to worry because his other trick was to act like you drank it by putting some of it in his mouth and then quickly spitting it back in. Gross but hey it’s a good strategy. The song was about over and everyone had taken a drink from the poison, besides Jake. Once the music stopped the other kids were feeling dizzy, sick, light headed, and Jake knew he one. All the kids fell to the ground and Jake just slowly walked home like nothing had happened. 

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