Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story #30: Oh No! Not the Signature Collectable Hunger Games Novel! Use the Text Book Instead!

But "Mrs. Morman" decided to title it: 
Oh No! Not the Signature Collectable Hunger Games Novel! Use the Text Book Instead!

There once was a guy named Allen he was a somewhat of a class clown. One day
Allen fell and hit his head really hard because he was acting like a gorilla during the
middle of our english class. Well I guess he didn’t really fall. How about I just tell you
the story from the beginning.

It was a cold January day, the twenty-second to be exact. Everyone at Erie High
School had just gotten done eating the best lunch in the history of all lunches. It was
Bosco stick day! Anyway Allen was on his way to english class like he always does
running in the halls, flirting with all the girls, and making all kinds of weird noises but
this is the usual for Allen.

Everything was still all find and dandy nothing had happened until the middle of
english class. Mrs. Morman was talking about this silly short story paper that we have
to write for her english class that was going to be due in a few days. In the middle of
her talking, Allen decides to get up and starts acting like a gorilla. This was probably
the biggest mistake of his life. Before Allen knew it, he was knocked out on the floor
and was showing no intention of waking up.

Who knocked him out you might ask? Well let me tell you about a girl named Larry.
Yes her name is really Larry. Anyway Larry was just a normal, straight A, never done
anything wrong in her life student. She was a little bit on the shy side. What Allen didn’t
know is that Larry is extremely afraid of gorillas. So when Allen stood up and started
acting like a gorilla Larry went into full blown attack mode. She grabbed Mrs. Morman’s
signature collectable Hunger Games one of a kind novel and frankly beat the living
crap out of Allen.

Some of you may say that well Allen didn’t deserve this, he didn’t deserve to have
the crap beaten out of him by a fifteen year old girl. That might be all of your opinions
but in my opinion getting kissed on the forehead every-time I sit down, gets a little
weird if I do say so myself. In my book Allen had it coming and Larry just did all the
dirty work for me. If your wondering about how Allen is, well he suffered a concussion
and was laid up in the hospital for about a month but now Allen is alive and better than
ever. He made a full recovery and to be honest it was weird not having his goof ball
self around. Even if he does sometimes annoy the living crap out of you. The End.

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