Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story #32: Playground


Three hours of pure agony. Three hours of thinking. Three hours of waiting. And
Finally the teacher said, “Alright everyone its recess time!” I couldn’t have been any
happier. I rushed to the cubby hole, grabbed my jacket, and ran to the door as fast as I
could. I was jumping up and down in line, trying to contain my excitement. Today was
the day. I was going to impress Lilly. Lilly was so cool. She has already lost six teeth
and her favorite t.v. show is Spongebob Squarepants. Its love. Today I was going to
make it all the way down and back across the triangular monkey bars. No boy in the
first grade could do it, and I was about to be the first. When I got to the play ground I
told everyone that I was going to complete the impossible. Everyone gathered around
to cheer me on. Then out of nowhere comes Denny Wilson. Denny was the biggest kid
in our grade and he liked Lilly too. I couldn’t let him stop me. I marched right up to the
monkey bars, but he walked right past me and pushed me over. I didn’t want to cause
a scene so I let him go first. Denny grabbed the first triangle hanging by a chain,
swung his body, then pushed off with his feet. He made it to the second one with ease,
but it took him a couple swings to get to the third one. Once he was there he hung on
for a long time. He was starting to sweat and his hands were turning white. He
desperately reached for the fourth triangle, but let go too soon and fell to his feet on
the rocks. He stood up and brushed himself off, kicked the rocks around, then said,
“Your turn”.

I was so nervous. My chest was pounding, and my head had a pulse. It was too late
to back out now. I puffed out my chest, clinched my fist and marched up to the ladder
like David marching up to Goliath. I put one foot on the highest part of the ladder, and
reached my hand out for the chilly metal triangle. Once I started to swing my weight, I
just kept going. I couldn’t believe it, it was actually all easy. Everyone was cheering
and egging me on. I reached the end and stood on the ladder to rest for just s second.
Then off I went! I had so much adrenaline running through my body that I wasn’t even
tired. And then just when It seemed as though I could taste victory, my dreams came
to a halting stop like a car with a brick wall thrown in front of it. Denny Wilson had
pulled on my feet and I fell hard to the ground. The thud took my breath away, and I
fought the tears as I stood up. I couldn’t be caught crying in front of the love of my life.
Everyone gasped, but then went back to playing once they realized I was ok. I sat
down on the bench and wiped my nose, facing the udder defeat that hit me in the face
all so fast. Then, a very familiar face sat down beside me and grabbed my hand. “Your
hand is cut up, would you like me to walk you to the nurse’s office for a bandage?”
asked Lilly. I nodded yes with a big smile and followed her. My pain was gone, I wasn’t
sad anymore, and I was holding hands with a sweet babe.

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