Monday, February 4, 2013



Marcus Smith, a scientist hired to make a serum for army soldiers that will make
them invincible. Since he was hired, he has made some progress. The formula
makes the test subjects skin as hard as diamonds and nothing can penetrate it. The
only problem is the serum makes the test subjects incapable to understand orders and
all the subjects want to do is kill everything they see. The only weakness in the
formula is that the test subjects can be killed if hit in the eyes or mouth.

Alice Schmidt a news reporter from New York has heard rumors about the tests that
Dr. Smith is performing on the human soldiers. Her uncle, Max Schmidt is one of the
soldiers being tested, so she believes, and that is what is making her want to
investigate. Alice finds a boat rental place where she plans on hiring someone to take
her to the island where the tests are being performed. The driver of the boats name is
Jack Carter, he used to work with Max in the Special Forces, but he has no interest in
helping save him. Jack thinks it’s too dangerous to go onto the island because there
are guards everywhere. However, he does agree to take Alice there and pick her and
Max up when they escape, if they escape.

Jack and Alice arrive at the island late at night. Alice gets out of the boat and makes
her way to the center of the island where she is captured by a group of guards led by
General Charles Jenkins. Then one of the guards shot an RPG at the boat that Jack
was in. He jumped into the water just before the rocket hit the boat and survived. He
swam over to the island to try and save alice and get revenge on the guards for
blowing up his boat. He snuck up behind the guards that are kidnapping Alice and
knocked the General out, stole his keys to the handcuffs, and grabbed Alice and ran
into the forest. They ran until they found a small shack were they hid over night.

In the morning Jack was going to go looking for a boat to escape the island, but
Alice wouldn’t let him because she still wants to save her uncle. Jack still thinks it’s too
risky but he decided to help her. They were traveling to the laboratory where the tests
were being done and cam across a jeep with two guards in it. Alice distracted the
guards while Jack snuck up on them and knocked them out. They stole the guards
uniform and jeep so they could sneak into the lab. When they arrived at the lab they
saw Dr. Marcus outside arguing with the General because he is canceling the funding
for the experiments until more progress is made.

Just then, one of the super soldiers escaped from its cell and started attacking the
guards. Alice recognized him, it was her Uncle Max. He was easily killing the guards
and he was too strong for them to defend themselves. Alice got out of the jeep and
walked toward Max but Jack stopped her. He walked towards him instead because he
didn’t want Alice to get hurt. Max saw Jack and ran towards him and tackled him to
the ground. Alice yelled STOP! Max looked up and recognized his niece. He stopped
attacking Jack and walked towards her and smiled. Dr. Marcus was amazed by this,
he had never seen any of the test subjects obey orders. Just then the general came
up behind Max and pistol whipped him in the back. Max turned around to see what hit
him and the General shot Max in the eye. Max fell down and Alice ran to his side, but
he was dead. Jack then started fighting with the General and eventually knocked him
out cold.

After all of that, Dr. Marcus was talking with Alice and Jack trying to figure out how
she had got Max to listen. Jack and Alice both told the Dr. that they would not help
him with the experiments and Jack told him that they weren’t leaving until the formula
was terminated. Dr. Marcus then stood up and pointed his pistol at Jack and said,
“Then I’m afraid you wont be leaving this island.” Jack smacked the pistol out of his
hands and tackled him to the ground, it was pretty easy because the Dr. is old and
weak. Jack handcuffed Marcus to a chair and then started a self destruct for the island
to kill off the rest of the dangerous experiments. Then Jack, Alice, and the handcuffed
Dr. Marcus left the island on a boat. They arrived at New York City and Marcus was
put in jail for human experimenting. Jack and Alice held a funeral for Max and after the
funeral Alice kissed Jack and they fell in love.


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