Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story #37: Babysitting Wonders

Babysitting Wonders

Throughout the years Mr. and Mrs. O’Donnell would have Flanner Crockway babysit
for them when they were busy or wanted to get away. They had come to trust Flanner
very much and would let him babysit their daughter, Niquita Pu, at their house alone.
They had a system and it was pretty simple with everyone being happy. Flanner would
watch Pu for 8 hours usually, and get paid twenty-five dollars an hour. Although
Flanner usually spent the money on gas and video games he did save up quite a
chunk of cash. Flanner had been babysitting for the O'Donnells for several years and
never broke their trust. Not yet anyways.

Flanner was now a sophomore in high school with a license and loving life. He was
still working for the O’Donnells a lot, even more now that they have another child to
watch. So it was just like any other day that Flanner had watching Pu until it was her
nap time and he put her to sleep in her room. After she was in bed he went back into
the living room, where he played on his x-box while she slept, and sat down on the
couch. Suddenly he got up when he heard a very loud banging on the door. Flanner
ran to answer the door and was greeted by none other than Ticholas Tildt, his friend
who would come over occasionally and play x-box with him, because he wanted to go
to the mall and find some girls to try and hit on. Flanner wouldn’t go because he was
watching Pu, and so they stayed there and were messing around. They were just
talking at first and then started playing arms and CRACK!

The O’Donnell family portrait had fallen off the wall and broke into several pieces.
Flanner was about to pass out because he was so scared and worried of how they
would react. Ticholas tried to calm him down and looked at the mess closer to realize
it could be fixed. They grabbed the tape and glue and went to work until they saw it.
There was a folder that was between the frame and the picture that blended in so
they didn’t see it. opening the folder ever so carefully they decided to find out what
was in it. Inside they pulled out another folder, and another inside of it, but in that third
folder there was an envelope. After about 8 more envelopes and little pouches there
they found what was to be hidden. It was a flash-drive that could have anything in the
world on it and Flanner and Ticholas wanted to know what it was. Luckily Flanner had
his laptop and they opened up the flash-drive with full intensions on finding something
that would change their lives forever, and it would.

The name of the flash-drive file was just a bunch of random letters, numbers, and
symbols. Ticholas stopped him and told him to think about what he was doing. If he
found something out about the O’Donnells you will never be able to see them the same
way. Flanner didn’t care and clicked on the file. On that file they found some of the
greatest things in the world. These files were even outlawed in some areas for being
too awesome and better than everything else. So they copied the files to their flashdrives
and replaced the portrait. It looked more like the Adam’s Family portrait but they
didn’t care right now.

Ticholas and Flanner’s problem was that they couldn’t decide how to transport the
files after they moved them onto their flash-drives. They were in-fact illegal in their
town, but they wanted them tremendously. Flanner finally decided that he didn’t care
he put them on his school laptop and went crazy. The next week they were called to
the office and carried out of the school by some abusive federal agents. Never again
were they seen, although they were heard of a long time later when the flash-drive was
found again and they had a letter placed on it along with the files. Pu knew that this
was not good and she hid the flash-drive where nobody would ever find it, or so she

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