Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Story #26: Regionals


“Everything you’ve been working for, every goal you set, game you won, all comes
down to this game. And I am trusting you ladies give it your all out there tonight,
because you know very well that you deserve it.” said our already intense coach.

We are all getting ourselves mentally prepared in the locker room while coach and
the three seniors give a pep talk to prepare everyone for the big game. We were
seated above Eastland, in the number one spot, and was not planning to step down
from that spot tonight. Because tonight was regionals and we were ready to take on
the Eastland Cougars.

With nerves and emotions high, we wait for the music to cue us onto the court. As
we all run around the court, I get a good look at the crowed. It was packed, to say the
least, which didn’t help with the nerves. As we get into our huddle, the crowd starts
cheering and we start praying. When the first six players step onto the court, blood is
pumping and hearts and minds are racing. Even I, who waited one rotation to go in,
could feel how tense it was in that gym. Once that whistle blows and you score a point,
it shatters all nerves left in your body and turn them into adrenaline.

The first game was a great victory for the Erie Cardinals. But that didn’t keep the
Cougars from stopping in their second match, they didn’t let up and pulled through with
a win. Tie game, which was decided with a third game that was always very intense.
As the game went on, back and forth, we started to get weary and tired. So our team,
dropped down in points and it looked like the Cougars had it in the bag for them.
Coach called a time out and got everybody re focused. The gym was so loud we could
barely hear ourselves think, but as me and five other girls stepped back onto the court,
we had to block all that noise out and play our game. Finally, we get the ball back and
we are ahead. Brooke has the last serve, this could win the game for us. The pressure
was very high on Brooke. But she pulled through and got an ace for the team. Erie
volleyball was deemed Regional campions of 2012! Come to find out, Eastland was
pretty sure of themselves and already made up “Eastland 2012 champion” shirts. It
was a good feeling knowing those couldn’t be put to use. The rage rushes the court
and everyone was on cloud nine. Some cried, yelled, smiled, but all felt utter
accomplishment. Small town Erie won and it was the best feeling in the world.

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