Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Story #24: Endless Journey

Endless Journey 

I woke up normal, like I usually do, laying in bed and wishing I were still a sleep.  It never dawned on me that today was my last day on this planet.  When I finally got out of bed, I drove into town, everything was different.  No one was in sight at a 11:30 a.m. on a saturday.  I never thought to think that this was weird or anything, I just continued to go on with my day, until I saw it.  The biggest thing  had ever seen in my life, I still remember the first thought that came into my head, have they come to kill us? I asked over and over again in my head, as I headed toward this mysterious thing, it was like I was being pulled in.  I drove up to a parking lot directly underneath this magnificent yet frightening thing, I was being pulled in I figured when I looked down and was in the air an going up and up till my car was a spec,  when I went into this mysterious thing  I saw everyone I knew. Over and intercom I heard a very strange voice saying something about WWIII. I felt the ship like thing jerk back and forth, I found the nearest window and all I saw was nothing but endless explosion after explosion as what seemed like to be earth but in a distance now, Boom out of no were everything is black.  I wake up in confusion and I am scared, I still am scared, I have no idea where I am going or what happened to my home. 

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