Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story #29: A Deadly Deal

A Deadly Deal

Everyone dreams of living the popular life. Being the “big deal” of high school. This
is what Brian thought, but little did he know that beauty, is pain.

Brian was a typical sixteen year old boy: acne, uncomfortable with his body, and
weird. He didn’t have many friends besides the other guys known as the “creeps” of
Crenshaw Heights. Brian always dreamed of having a girlfriend, someone like Cassie,
a beautiful brunette, who was perfect, looks and all. He always tried to talk to her, but
like usual girls, they look at him disgusted and walk away laughing with their friends.
Rejection was getting ridiculous, Brian thought. All he wanted was to be attractive,
popular... Soon enough his dreams were to come true.

There was a strange woman was in the elevator, with Brian one day. She had
spirally curled, grey hair with bright pink lipstick. Her makeup wasn’t really that bad,
other than those annoyingly pink lips. She had a soft, calm, loving voice like one off
those science videos, that make you just want to curl up and sleep. She looked at
Brian like she knew his whole life story. It seemed as though she knew exactly what he
was thinking and feeling. Brian just wanted to get out of the elevator, the lady totally
creeped him out.

Finally, the silence broke and she softly spoke, “Brian, don’t be scared. I’m here to
help you out, make you popular.”

Brian, alarmed, went into a corner of the elevator and asked, “How do you know my

“Brian, darling, I’m your guardian. I’ve noticed you’ve been struggling with looks and
fame, but sweetie, that’s all about to change. If you want it to.”

Brian couldn’t believe it. She did know exactly what he was feeling and thinking. He
wanted to say, “yes! of course”, but just couldn’t. How could a guy who never talked to
anyone, make a deal like that? Well wait, exactly. What did he have to lose? He had
hardly any friends, his family ignored him, and lets face it he was boring. So biting his
tongue, he nodded his head.

“Great. Now, just promise me this: you’ll complain of nothing. You won’t beg or cry
for anything else. Promise this and I’ll make you beautiful.”

“....I promise.” assured Brian.

A week later, no changes happened. Brian never saw the strange woman again,
and life went on.

At first he thought it was fake, some kid from his school playing a prank. But when
he looked in the mirror, there were no pimples, scars, or double chin. His body was
slim, he had muscles and an attractive face. He couldn’t believe it. The strange lady
was right! He couldn’t wait to go to school and talk to Cassie. He got to school and
there were a lot of stares, especially from girls. He enjoyed the attention he received
but was on one mission. One mission only: talk to Cassie. He was walking toward her
when she started to walk toward him.

She smiled and questioned, “How could someone like you, look like this? In one
week? I don’t buy it for a second.”

The smile on Brian’s face quickly faded. “I swear to you Cassie, it’s me, Brian. I
changed my whole life for a girl like you to notice me” he begged.

She giggled, “Oh, people notice alright.” Then she and her friends walked away
laughing. Brian wondered why people were laughing. He couldn’t figure it out. He
wanted to see the strange lady again to figure out why people laughed. Then he saw..

Everything he touched turned to ash, but himself. He touched books, poof! Ash.
Then by mistake, he accidentally bumped into a girl, he put his hand on her to
apologize and whoosh! Ash. Now he realized that everything wasn’t as great as it
seemed. He wanted to look good, he was selfish. Now he couldn’t fit the pieces
together. His old personality and new looks were enemies. It’s too late though he
realized, he started to get teary eyed. He remembered what she said to him, “...You’ll
complain of nothing, you won’t beg or cry for anything else...”

Finally the dots connected. He made a deal with the devil. Irreversible. His life was
gone, no going back. He realized beauty wasn’t everything. He realized he actually
had things to lose to lose, his family, his friends, himself. He couldn’t touch anything.
When you’re life turns to ash, the only thing you can do, is follow the path you started.
That’s exactly what he did. He joined the wood he threw into the fire.. he blended with
the ones he touched. No more would he hurt, no more would he complain, and no
more, would beauty be worth anything in the world.

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