Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story #36: The Great War

The Great War

Franky the squirrel had been at war his entire life. The Great Squirrel and Porcupine
war raged on for many years. The animals were at war over who got to control the land.
It was a war that was handed down to them from man generations.

Franky could not walk through the timber without the fear of being ambushed by a
group of porcupines. The porcupines were brutal attackers. They launched all of their
quills at the one target. Franky’s biggest fear when walking through the timber was
running in to his rival Jimmy. Jimmy and Franky had grown up hating each other there
entire lives because Jimmy’s dad killed Franky’s dad. Franky wanted his revenge.

Franky and his friends were walking around the timber patrolling for porcupines
when his best friend fell over and there was a quill sticking out of his chest. Franky and
the rest of his friends scurried behind a tree trying to realize what just happened. They
were scanning the ground for porcupines but they could not see any when another quill
was shot in front of their feet.

Franky’s friends all ran away but Franky was still searching for the porcupine. Quills
kept being launched at random and Franky still couldn’t see anything. Then suddenly it
hit him. They weren’t on the ground, they were in the trees. He yelled frantically for
more squirrels to come help him when he heard a laugh that was all to familiar, it was

Jimmy jumped out of a tree that was 20 yards away from him. Jimmy was slowly
waddling towards Franky. Franky’s heart was beating so hard he could hear it. He did
not know if it was fear or anger that had him excited. Jimmy tried to feel for his acorn
ammo. He didn’t want to look away from Jimmy for even a second. His hand had finally
found the ammo when Jimmy launched a quill two inches above Franky’s head.

Franky took the ammo and fired insanely at Jimmy but couldn’t calm down enough
to be accurate. Jimmy was still waddling towards him, now about 10 yards away.
Franky kept firing frantically. Jimmy shot two more quills to the sides of Franky. He was
teasing his prey. He was now within five yards. Franky began to panic even more. He
was running out of ammo. Then he realized if he did not calm down that Jimmy would
kill him. Franky breathed deeply and fired his last three shots with his eyes closed. He
opened his eyes and Jimmy was still walking. He had missed.

Jimmy got a foot away from him and laughed menacingly. Jimmy was preparing to
launch all of his quills. Franky realized that he had only one chance. He grabbed the
quill Jimmy had shot above his head and yanked it out of the tree. Jimmy looked
surprised and scared. Franky drove the quill through Jimmy. Jimmy had finally been

Franky rushed over to his best friend who was still laying there with a quill in his
chest. He was dead. Franky pulled the quill out and threw it aside. He picked up his
best friends body and carried it back to the squirrel territory. He was praised as a hero
for killing Jimmy but he did not care. It was unsatisfactory because he lost his best
friend, and the war would still go on.

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