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Story #25: Monday, November 10, 1946

Monday, November 10, 1946

Monday, November 10, 1946. Today is an ordinary day just like any other that would
occur during the week. But, little did LeAndre, aka Leon, know his life would be
changed forever. Lets back up and tell you more about LeAndre.

November 9. It was Sunday evening when Leon was out with his boys, Jerome and
Darrell. Darrell just got back from over seas where he was at war with Hitler and the
guys wanted to celebrate. Jerome was available but Leon’s kids were sick.

Fortunately his wife said he could go out, and she would stay home with them. Instead
of asking where Darrell where he would like to eat Jerome had planned out the whole
night for them. They started off the night by going to the best Chinese restaurant in all
of Brooklyn, “The Great Wall”. All the guys love Chinese and the restaurant had only
been open for two months and non of the guys had been there. Then they would stop
by “The Iron Dwarf” this was the best and well-known tavern in all of New York. They
were right on track, Everything was going well and best part of the meal came, a
fortune cookie. Everybody knows they they are true, they work. It’s not by luck, or
accident that you get the one you get. There are no accidents (Kung Fu Panda), it was
by fate that you were chosen to get it.

The guys never share what there fortunes are because it just causes for bad luck, but
all of them are superstitious and believe in them. Darrell opened his and it read, “A
good beginning is only half done.” and this was true, the night was only half over, and
the guys had much more fun to come. Jerome was next, his read, “A refreshing
change is in your future.” This is probably the best fortune he could use. Jerome was
going through a rough patch in his life having trouble with drugs and alcohol abuse.
Leon, this time in his life things are going great, he jus had his second child, and his
marriage was stronger than ever. When he got his message he was shocked, and
immediately looked up and thought, me? why me? "Your life is in danger. Say nothing
to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. You have 24 hours.
Repeat: say nothing. "

His whole life was flashing before his eyes, his mind was overflowing with thoughts,
and he didn’t know what to do. When they went to the tavern he had a few shots to
get it of his mind. One turned into two and two turned into three and before he knew it
he was waking up Monday morning with his two friends passed out next to him.
“What happened last night?” Leon whispered as he stood up and whipped his eyes. At
that moment he reached into his pocket for his wallet. When he pulled it out of his back
pocket he noticed something, a small white piece of paper. he didn’t think anything of it
and put his wallet back. He woke Jerome and Darrell up and asked,
“You guys remember anything from last night?”

“Nope”, said Jerome.

“Not a clue”, replied Darrell. Then it hit Leon, and he immediately bolted out the front
door. His wife was at work and his kids at school. The very first thing he did was
gather what was necessary, backpack with three water bottles, two extra change of
clothes, small survival kit, and a picture of his family. He also packed a suit case, this
bag had his valuables, not expensive things but rather sentimental things, along with a
jacket and other warm winter clothes. It was 3 o’clock, his kids would be home from
school soon and his wife would be getting home from work quickly too. He wanted to
be out before anyone was home, so he quickly wrote a letter and left in on the table.
He pulled his luggage to the side of the curb called a taxi and got dropped off at the
train station, he bought a ticket to the outskirts when he got there he looked to the right,
looked to the left, took a deep breath, and said “Show me the way”

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