Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story #39: Untitled


“Cover your heads!” the flight attendants screamed, while emergency sirens screeched
in the background. The plane was thrown to the left and all the while heading straight
for the ground.

“What do we do?” Helen asked frantically

“Hold on tight and say our prayers because this plane is not going down easy.”
responded Joe in a not so calm voice.

This couple had just been married the day before and were on their way to what was
suppose to be the trip of their lifetime. Helen had been weary about flying but Joe had
promised her that everything was going to be alright. They were going to fly to their
dream destination with no issues and have a great time. Helen would have been
cursing Joe about promising her that everything would be alright but that was the least
of her problems at that moment.

“I’m scared” screamed Helen

“Put on your seatbelt and hold my hand,” said Joe, “were going to get through this
together.” Just then the plane took a jerky right and the little bit of confidence that was
still contained in Joe faded away. Everything around them was complete chaos,
passengers screaming and crying, but they payed little attention. There only goal was
to try and survive this horrible plane crash together.

Just then there was a horrendous noise as the front of the plane met sand, trees,
and land. Everyone was jerked forward, some passengers flying out while others still
endeared the crash. One of the passengers who was thrown from the plane was Helen.
Now I am unaware of what thoughts were running through Joe’s mind as he realized
that Helen was no longer strapped in beside him, but I would guess that he was
thinking I need to find her.

Finally, after what seemed to be hours the plane came to a screeching stop. Of
course people were frantically running around trying to find their love ones or trying to
help the injured. Joe looked up, there seemed to be about twenty people who could
walk around and start giving care to the injured. Joe’s main priority was to find Helen
and make sure she was okay. But first he had to get himself unstrapped from a maze
of seat belts and pieces of plane. That’s when he began to smell that horrible smell,
the smell that changed his entire train of thought completely. Fuel.

“This plane is going to blow up!” Joe yelled at the top of his lungs, of course this
caused even more chaos as everyone began scrambling, running towards the jungle,
dragging the injured and grabbing any supplies that was still useable. Joe still tied in
started to get nervous himself as he realized that were was no way out. Just when he
began to give up hope he spotted a sharp piece of metal that had probably fell off of
the plane. He grabbed for it, the seat belts choking him in the process, just as he did
so a sharp pain shot up his right leg, he must have broken it during the crash but being
to absorbed in the crash to even notice. He grabbed the metal and began cutting at the
fabric of the seat belts. The smell of fuel growing stronger and stronger by the minute.
Finally, he cut the last strand of material and tried to stand up but that’s where it
stopped. He couldn’t stand up because of the pain coming from his leg. What am I
going to do? he thought... this is the end of it for me. Joe had just enough hope left to
start crawling. It did cause a lot of pain on his leg but survival was more important for
him than giving up because of pain.

After a pain-enduring, life threatening, what seemed like forever process of carrying
himself to the jungle he stopped and sat up against a tree. Just then he heard a loud
boom and multiple screams from those passengers who were unable to get away.
He knew he needed to find Helen soon or else the chances of her survival were very

Not caring about the pain he looked everywhere for Helen. He went back to the
crash scene to search the victims. The first people that he spotted were the people
who had been sitting right beside him. An elderly couple who he knew for a fact had
had a nice long life, well he hoped anyways. They were laying side by side, facing
down probably killed during the explosion. Next to be spotted were the two flight
attendants who had been screaming orders at the passengers, both dead. These were
the only people who popped out at him. There were many more unknown faces laying
in the sand, all dead. He searched everyone with great caution searching for the love
of his life. When he didn’t find her there, he decided to go ask passengers who were
walking around like chicken with their heads cut off.

“Have you seen a woman with dark brown hair wearing a wedding dress?” he said
unconfidently. Anyone who was wearing a wedding dress should be pretty noticeable.
“No, I’m sorry sir. I’m sure she is around her somewhere.” said a man who had a
giant gash across his forehead.

Joe having little hope left began searching the jungle. Not knowing the land he
searched far and low. Around trees, under leaves, sometimes seeing the dead laying
there. This sparked the idea that Helen was probably dead and his search would go on
and on and Helen would never turn up. He sat down with his back against a tree, all
hope lost and began to cry. The love of his life, the girl he had just married yesterday
was gone and never to be found again. “Where are we anyway?” he said aloud, not
expecting anyone to answer.

“I’m not really sure, but we do need to find a way out of here.” said Helen.
Joe turned to see Helen laying under a big jungle plant where she must have been
thrown during the impact.

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