Monday, February 4, 2013

Story #19: Untitled


Waves crashed along the shore of Seaweedless Beach, taking anything and
everything in its path as it retreated. To most, this was just your normal, everyday
beach, but that is where you are wrong! This beach was actually full of all sorts of
magical creatures that were invisible to the eyes of humans. That is, all except for one

Professor Adam was busy in his laboratory concocting a new cure for male pattern
baldness when he realized he was in need of more sand for his newest concoction. In
a hurry, he threw his white lab coat onto the floor and scurried out the door. Living only
a few blocks from Seaweedless Beach, it did not take long for him to arrive. Hurriedly,
he pulled out his little hand shovel and scooped four rather large scoops into a half
gallon bucket.

Once his mission had been completed, he gathered his few belongings and headed
back towards his vehicle. He had not made it more than a few steps when all of a
sudden his feet fell out from beneath him, and he found himself flat on his big booty.
He was dumbstruck as he sat starring straight in front of him, mouth wide open, lost for
words at what was before him. It was a person! Well, sort of. This thing had the full
upper body of a person, including gorgeous, wavy, auburn hair and huge brown eyes,
but it also had a very fish-like characteristic- a tail!

“How could this be?” the professor whispered to himself.

Apparently he had not whispered quietly enough, because just then, the creature
responded, “Well hello there. Are you alright? That was quite some fall!”

“Uhhh, sorry. Didn’t see ya there,” he said, still starring in astonishment at the
creature’s greenish blue tail as it glistened in the sunlight.

“It’s quite alright. But umm, can I help you, Sir?” the creature replied, noticing that he
was still starring.

“So sorry,” he said blushing. “Didn’t mean to stare. I just can’t help but notice that you
seem to have a tail?”

“Isn’t it lovely!” She cooed.

“Uh sure, but do you mind if I ask where your feet are?”

“Feet? Oh Silly, mermaids don’t have feet!”

“Mermaids?! You mean like in fairytales?”

“Uh, well I guess you could say that, but I’m sure not from I fairy tale!” The man, still
not knowing how to respond, continued to stare at the mermaid in disbelief. She was
absolutely stunning! Realizing that maybe this was too much for him to take in all at
once, she continued on with her introduction. “Well, my name is Jordan, and I’ve lived
on this beach for as long as I can remember. But for as long as I can remember back, I
don’t recall ever seeing you here before?”

“Yeah, I don’t usually have time to go to the beach. You see, I’m a scientist, so I don’t
get much time to relax. In fact, the only reason I came here was to get some sand for
my newest project. I’m trying to find a cure for male pattern baldness!” He declared
bolding, coming off as a complete dork. “My name is Adam by the way. So how come
I’ve never heard anyone mention anything about mermaids in this area? I feel like I
would have heard about something this big by now!”

“Normally humans can’t see our kind. In fact, you’re the first real human being I’ve ever
had a conversation with! I always have been so jealous of you guys. You guys don’t
even seem to realize how much freedom you have. You can all just come and go how
you please. I can’t even imagine how wonderful that must be to be able to stay out of
the water for most of your life and not dry up. I would give anything to be like you.”

“Maybe I can help you with that!”

“How could you possibly do that?

“Hold on. I have an idea.”

Within five minutes the scientist had returned in his little grey car. With him, he had
filled up a little kiddie pool with water for Jordan to relax in as they drove back to his
lab. Once they arrived, the two of them began going through every potion book known
to man. They had probably reviewed at least 650 concoctions before stumbling upon
the one they were looking for.

According to the book, two seashells, a half a cup of sand, and three pieces of
seaweed were needed in order to complete the transformation. The only problem--
there was no seaweed to be found on the beach. I guess that would explain why it’s
known as Seaweedless Beach.

“What are we going to do?” Jordan asked in a very disappointed tone.

“Hold on, I have an idea,” grinned Adam.

Two days later, a package arrived at the front door of the laboratory. Sure enough, it
contained exactly three pieces of seaweed. He followed the instructions step by step,
adding all three ingredients to his concoction. Once the mixture had turned hot pink
like it said in the instructions, Adam gave it to Jordan to drink. Without complaining,
she drank the disgusting mixture in one large gulp!

Suddenly, a thick fog filled the room as Jordan transformed from a mermaid into a
woman right before their eyes. When the transformation was complete, a girl with long
tan legs, wavy auburn hair, and big brown eyes looked up at the scientist. He was
absolutely flabbergasted; she was even more beautiful than before! He decided that he
just could not resist himself, and before long, they found themselves married with a
half-mermaid, half-human daughter, who one day, also hoped to be a full human just
like her parents.

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