Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story #38: The Year With No Parents

The Year With No Parents

It was July 1st, 2014, and a 17 year old boy was going to bed angry on his birthday.
All Josh wanted to do on his birthday was drive to the concert a couple hours away
with a few of his closest friends. When the group excitedly proposed the idea, every
single parent said no. Being Josh’s birthday, he took the no the hardest. Having his
birthday been a complete disappointment, Josh was angry. When he was in bed, at the
top of his rage he made a wish that every teenager has made once in their life, he
wished that he didn’t have parents. This time something was different, as Josh fell
asleep, he had no idea what he’d just done.

When Josh woke up late the next morning, he looked at his phone saw the time, and
had expected to smell lunch considering it was 12:30 P.M.. He walked downstairs,
already having forgotten his anger last night. He walked into the living room expecting
to see his mom on the couch like always, she was no where to be seen. He went to the
garage and saw both his parents cars, but no parents. His cell phone went off, and it
was one of his friends Andrew, he called in a panic. He couldn’t comprehend what his
friend was saying because of how upset he was, so Josh told him to come over. When
Andrew got there Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He said his parents had
vanished, he went to his grandparents, same thing. He called everyone else in their
group, and no one knew where their parents were. He asked Josh if he knew anything.
With a look of shock on his face Josh was mumbling to himself, it can’t be, no way!
Andrew asked what he was saying, and Josh told him about his wish. Confused and
upset, Andrew couldn’t believe. Josh called the rest of his friends and got them all over
to his house to talk. Everyone seemed to be upset except Josh. He said with a smile
on his face, guys this is awesome think about what we can do now. We don’t have to
ask for anything, we can do whatever we want. Andrew stood up and yelled this isn’t
right, there our parents, we have to find a way to get them back. Josh told him to calm
down, and that this would all be ok. Tired of arguing Andrew decided to go with it for a
while. Josh told everyone to start calling kids from their school, he said tonight were
going to have fun. That night, everyone that wasn’t to upset to go out was at Josh’s
house, he couldn’t believe the turnout. That night was the best night of Josh’s life, he
did whatever he wanted without any consequences. Life went on like this for the next
couple of months, parties every night, sleeping everyday all day, whatever they
needed they just got free from the super store around the corner. Then things started
to go bad.

Even though Josh was still having a great time, people were really starting to miss
their parents, and when people found out that it was Josh’s fault they were gone, there
was trouble. It started with nasty comments when he saw people on the street, then it
escalated to bricks through windows, and threatening phone calls. Josh was starting to
get scared, he tried to carry on with the life he was living, but it was getting exhausting.
He lived in fear for a long time, until the day he got jumped by a large group of kids
from school. He came home bloodied and bruised, and didn’t know what to do. This
was usually when his mom would comfort him, and give him advice, but she wasn’t
there, and Josh was sad and alone. He didn’t leave his house for a very long time, and
by this time he was almost eighteen. When Josh got to as low as he could possibly get,
Andrew came into his house to check on him. Josh was happy to see his best friend,
but afraid that he would be mad. Andrew was surprisingly calm, he said he realized
that it wasn’t all Josh’s fault, and that everyone had wished there parents gone before,
Josh was the only one who’s wish came true. Andrew wished Josh a happy birthday,
and Josh realized it was his birthday, he had forgotten in his sadness. Andrew lit a
match and told Josh to blow it out and make a wish. Josh blew it out and made a wish
under his breath, and he began to cry. Josh went to bed with tears drying in the
corners of his eyes, at the memories of his parents.

Josh woke up late that next morning, and smelled his favorite lunch, macaroni being
prepared. He thought he heard his moms voice, but he knew it couldn’t be. He walked
downstairs and to his surprise saw his mom. He sprinted and picked her up and
cheered with joy that she was home. She looked at him and said oh I see your not still
mad that you couldn’t go the concert. He looked rather confused and said your back!
She said from the store? Yes, I had to get food to prepare lunch, again he was
confused. She asked him how it felt to be seventeen? He realized that his wish didn’t
just bring back his parents, the entire year without them had never happened. Josh
said it’s great, and he wouldn’t want to change a thing. He sat down and had the best
lunch of his life with his mom.

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