Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story #31: Summer Day

Summer Day

I looked out my open window, I could feel the cold breeze on my bare skin, It was a
summer night. I saw the lightening bugs dancing with one another, The sun was going
down and the sky around it was a reddish yellow with pink bordering around it. It was
beautiful, I love summer nights. They are gorgeous and you can just sit and watch with
no irritation of it being to cold or to hot. A gust of wind flew into my window and blew
my long blonde hair back, it stung my eyes for a second goose bumps crept up my
arms. I smiled, this was what summer nights are all about. Cool breeze, by a hot fire,
talking with a bunch of friends, Giggling about boys and secrets we had kept hidden
from class mates and family members. I thought a lot when the sun went down, it gave
me some peace and quiet the crickets just a melody in the back ground. I could sit and
stare out this window for eternity just thinking replaying the melody and sunset over
and over again. That was just a dream though, I looked at my clock eleven o’clock at
night. The sun had already set and I had just been staring out at the stars. I sat down
into the window and let one of my feet hang out. I sighed, this was going to be over
soon and it would just be another memory until winter was over. I hated winter, so cold
and dry. Nothing to do outside, nothing to look forward too but the coldness of the air
around you. Snow was a plus but that only lasts so long, I prefer shorts over jeans,
tank tops over sweaters, and barefoot other then snow boots. I better lay down, I
thought to myself I was getting a little bit drowsy, I had a long day ahead of me
tomorrow and better get some beauty sleep. I put my hair up in a pony tail and put on
my sweats and tank top.

“Night!” I yelled down the stairs of my house, I waited there for a response, of course
no response. Mom was probably busy finishing up work and dad was probably passed
out on the couch from a long day of work. Nothing new, I walked to my room and
slipped into my bed, Covered myself up with my sheets and drifted off into a deep

“Beep. Beep. Beep” Went my alarm clock. I slammed my hand down hard onto the
button that disabled the annoying alarm and dropped my head down onto the pillow.
sighing I lifted my head back up and looked out into my window. It was the crack of
dawn, I had forgotten to turn off my alarm!

“I hate my life.” I said and smashed my head onto my pillow and stared blankly at
my wall, My parents were already gone to their jobs and I was home alone. What am I
going to do now? I thought to myself. I got up and slowly walked out of my room and
crept down the stairs. To speed things up a notch I looked at myself in the mirror yada
yada yada took a shower, brushed my teeth, blow dried my hair, it only took an hour!
Put on make up, clothes and was out the door! I’ll slow it down for you now.
I felt the green sharp grass on my feet, we hadn’t taken care of our lawn lately and it
was dry, poor grass it looked famished just waiting for a cold drink of water. I looked
out into the distance and saw something black, I started walking towards it.

“What the?” I said but before I could finish it a green hand broke threw the bag and
grabbed my ankle I screamed bloody murder, and started kicking my leg I flared
around a bit but the zombie looking hand wouldn’t let go I shot up and started kicking
the bag flew up and down up and down but still wouldn’t let go of me. I kept at this for
at least fifteen minutes and finally gave up.

“Let me go!” I said, “Please.” I was freaked out of my mind. “This is just a dream.” I
whispered to myself “It’s just a dream.” I pinched myself but nothing happened, The
hand started to move, feeling up my leg, my goosebumps were going bazerk. I started
breathing heavily what was I going to do!? I thought to myself panicking suddenly the
hand stopped, it fell to the ground, I shuffled my feet away from the monstrous hand
and got out of range. I watched it twitch then start moving around, I stayed quiet and
then it started opening up the bag. The second that bag had another hand emerging
from it I was out of there like a bolt of lightening. I didn’t know what to think what to
expect. Some bag was giving birth to a zombie baby looking thing that could kill me at
any second, or worse, torture. I got to my house door and slammed it shut. I had a
slight fear that I had peed my shorts but to my amazement I hadn’t a sigh of relief the
last thing I wanted to happen. I looked out the peep hole to my door and saw a little
baby creature like thing waddling towards me. It looked kind of cute in a creepy,
unnatural kind of way. It started crawling, then stood up, fell down, then stood up again.
It made me giggle this little monstrous thing wasn’t going to harm me. It could barely
stand up!

It didn’t take me long to find a baseball bat and decide that I was going to go out
there. What took me the longest was actually getting the courage to open the door. I
unlocked the lock and slowly turned the nob. By this time the baby monster that I
named Izzy was just outside the door. I cautiously opened the door and looked down
to see the cutest little one eyed, slimed covered creature sitting on my front step, it
giggle and a bubble flew out of it’s mouth. If anyone would have seen the puzzled but
stunned face they would have brought them tears of laughing so much. But all of a
sudden the world started spinning, and the earth started shaking. I gripped onto my
baseball bat ready to fight when all of a sudden hands crept out of the earths ground
and shot up like a rocket using cocaine fuel. I was speechless as the hands started
changing direction and shot downwards towards me, I ran into my house and ducked
under my hands, After all of the shaking being done half of my house was en gulped
with flames and mostly ruble the baby was gone with the hands. I was speechless,
how was I going to explain to mom and dad what had just went on here, What
happened with the baby, Who’s hands were those!? And most importantly how much
longer did I have to live with mom and dad getting home. All of a sudden I heard

“Are you kidding me?” I Screeched then all of a sudden I hit my head hard on the
shelf just above my bed. I looked around amazed at how dumb and what a relief this
was, I sprinted down the stairs seeing my nice clean house all in one piece I looked at
myself in the mirror a dirty grease ball appeared back at me with a grin as big as ever.

“It was just a dream.” I whispered, “Just a dream.”

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