Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story #33: The Tragic Plane Crash That Ended WIth Friendship(:

The Tragic Plane Crash That Ended WIth Friendship(:

It all started with a tragic plane crash during an awful thunderstorm that killed a
young girls parents!!! After this happened the girl had to then ride a plane to go identify
her parent’s bodies! This girl was so frightened, I mean what person wants to get on a
plane to go identify bodies after their parents had just died from a plane crash. The
worst part was she had to book her own flight and ride all by herself on the plane and
she was just so heartbroken it was awful.

Luckily a young boy about the same age as her was also riding on the plane by
himself and he had noticed how sad and miserable she looked as he was getting on so
he politely asked the flight attendant if he could move to the empty seat next to her.
The flight attendant agreed and he put his stuff in the overhead compartment. The
young girl just glanced at him and smiled out pure kindness but on the inside was
burning with sadness and it took all the strength she had to smile at him. He looked
down at her and started talking, asking why she was on the plane and how come she
looked so sad. She then told him the whole story and fell into this strangers arms, she
had no clue who this boy was but she just needed someone to hug, hold, and to
comfort her! The young boy was so surprised by this action but accepted it and hugged
her right back trying to calm her down he had no clue what to say, he had never been
through any situation that was near as bad as this. He felt so bad because he was on
this plane going to visit his grandparents for the Holidays and she had just lost the last
part of family she had, she was not close with any of her other relatives they had lots of
family problems.

After the boy realized that this young girl had literally no one left in her life and that
she was going to identify her dead parents bodies all by herself he offered to go with
her and he would just tell his grandparents that he was going to be a little late on
getting to their house. The girl was very surprised by what he had just said, but
accepted his offer because she just wanted to be with someone even if he was a
complete stranger. After he went with her, he invited her to go to his grandparents with
him and then they became very good friends and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!(:

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