Monday, February 4, 2013

Story #20: Day at the park

Day at the park

One day Jeff was walking in the park when he saw an older man sitting on the park
bench all alone. So, Jeff walked over to the man and sat down next to him. Finding a
way to start a conversation with the man, he began to look around. When he found
something to talk about he began to turn and talk to the man when suddenly he got hit
in the face with a piece of bread. Then, Jeff just stopped, looked at the man, and asked,
“ Why did you throw the bread in my face?”

But the man did not know Jeff was sitting by him, so when Jeff talked to him the man
jumped and fell off the bench. Jeff jumped up and went over to the man and helped
him up. When Jeff sat him on the bench, he said, “Why did you fall off the bench?”

The old man replied, “Wheres my cane”

Jeff told the old man that he didn’t have a cane with him. The old man told Jeff that he
can’t see with out the cane. So Jeff told the old man that he would help him find the

Jeff asked, “Where do you think you last had your cane.”

The man told him that he had it last when he through out his drink before he sat down.
So, Jeff began to walk away to look for the cane by any trash can he could find in the
park. But the man stopped Jeff before he got to far. The man told him he must not
touch the cane directly so the man gave Jeff a glove. Jeff was confused and went to
look for the cane. After an hour of looking Jeff came back to the bench to find the old
man waiting there.

Jeff said, “I found a cane but I don’t know if it is yours.”

The old man asked, “Did you touch the cane other than with the glove on your hand.”

Jeff replied, “No I only touched it with the glove you gave me.”

The old man stood up and said, “Let me show you something.”

The old man said, “Ask me to walk somewhere.”

Jeff replied, “Walk down the path right here.”

The old man said, “Ok.”

Has the old man began to walk he kept fall and couldn’t walk straight.

So the old man replied, “Can I have the cane please.”

Jeff gave it to him and the old man walked the same path but, Jeff noticed that the old
man was not falling and could walk a straight line.

The old man replied Jeff and said, “Well young man you see this cane give any buddy
the one thing they desire.

The old man said, “All I desire is to see again.”

Jeff was amazed at what the old man just showed him. The old man told Jeff that you
may use my can but you must use it only for good. So, the old man handed the cane to
Jeff. Jeff wished for what he had always wanted and a few week later Jeff got what he
wished for. But, Jeff continued to go to the park everyday he could. He was surprised
everyday Jeff went back to the park the old man was not there. Later he found out that
the old man had died.

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