Monday, February 4, 2013

Story #21: My Biggest Life Lesson

My Biggest Life Lesson

Have you ever been caught shop lifting? Well I’m Jenelle and I’m going to tell you
my experience getting caught shop lifting.

I was ahh lets say about 12, when I spotted this really cool stuffed bear I wanted I
was with my parents and I asked them to buy it for me and they told me they didn’t
have couldn't buy it. The next four weeks after that I kept asking for this bear and they
kept telling me they couldn't buy it. I never could figure out why they wouldn’t buy it for

One Sunday afternoon on July 12 I went into that store that had that bear in it, I
brought in my big play purse so they wouldn’t think anything of it, and when they
weren’t look I hid that bear right in my play purse and started talking out. When all of
a sudden my arm gets grabbed by the owner of that little store. I knew I was in trouble
when I seen the look on her face. She told me to open up my purse, so I did.

Now little girl why would you steal from me, she said in a low voice.

Well miss I’ve been wanting this bear for five weeks now and my parents have been
telling me they don’t have enough money, I said and start to cry.

Sweetie, there is a reason why your parents can’t buy you this bear, it is not for sale,
this bear is my bear and it is the things that start this store, it this type of bear was the
first item I sold in this store, told the owner.

She did call my parents about what I have done. They came to the store as fast as
they could and instantly started yelling at me. The store own calmed them down and
told them every child makes mistakes and it was fine.

Finally, I realized why my parents wouldn’t buy me this bear. I told the lady I was
sorry and she told me she happened to have another bear just like it and she wanted
to give it to me. Even though I got grounded and couldn’t go anywhere the store
owner gave me the second bear she had and I also got a job there when I turned
sixteen. Now, you know all about my biggest life lesson.

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