Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Story #23: Untitled


Everyone has had those friends that you know you’ll never lose. These three girls
have been friends since junior high. They were inseparable. They did everything
together. Sometimes they got in trouble but what kids don’t? Also, they sometimes get
in situations you will never forget.

The three teens were driving down the road heading to the mall and listening to
103.7 radio station. It was around seven o'clock, and about to get dark. It was a
scorching summer, no wind, no rain, just hot weather that everyone hated. They were
singing and dancing in their seats having a great time. They drove for a little bit longer
and they reached their destination. They were all excited to be at the mall and ready to
shop. The three girls were shopping in the electronics department, listening to music
with the new headphones. The music was so loud they were yelling, trying to talk to
each other. They were laughing and having a good time. While they were still yelling,
the over-com came on and said the mall will be closing in five minutes, please finish up
your shopping.

The three continued to look around the store and left headed toward the bathroom.
When they were leaving the restroom, they noticed that it was really dark and quiet.
Like so quiet that you could hear a mouse scurry across the floor. They were in the
hallway between all the stores searching for anyone. They had no idea that the store
had closed. They were all wondering what was going on, so they decided to leave.
Little did they know that the doors were locked and could not get out. They looked at
each other and were thinking the same thing, the store is closed! We’re locked inside!
What are we going to do? One of the girls pulled out her phone, no service. Now what
were they going to do. They were stuck inside the mall with no phone, in the dark. The
other girl suggested, “Why don’t we make this a great trip and have some fun, why
can’t we just mess around in the mall and just wait for someone to come in the
morning?” The other two girls looked at each other and nodded their heads saying
“Okay! I guess we can do that.”

The three teens ended up having a great time in the mall by themselves. They ran
up and down the halls singing, dancing, and just trying on clothes. It was so different
being in the mall all by themselves. They loved it. They slept in the mattress store on
the new temper pedic mattresses. They had a hard time leaving those! In the morning,
the janitor came in and let them out. They were thrilled to leave, but in the back of their
heads they were thinking, that was the best day of our lives! Still to this day, the three
girls talk about their great adventure.


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